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Presidential Candidate Unveils Economic Plan



Prince Michael NGWESE EKOSSO is a presidential candidate and a motivational speaker. At the same time, he is a teacher, evangelist, politician, philosopher, and advisor. He is the President and founder of United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP). He is poised to run for the 2018 Presidential elections. In trying to cajole the Cameroonian people especially the Youths, he has unveiled two years to time, his economic development plan. He said in his first 100 days in office, the following would be done:

USDP President Cameroon

USDP President Cameroon

1) Integrate the Gendarmerie and Customs to become immigration and customs enforcement.
2) Order the de-centralization of government.
3) Dissolve the BIR force into Central Bureau of Investigation. (CBI)
4) Contract Dell Computer Company to send in technicians to build a computerized Data base.
5) Create farmers banks in all ten regions.
6) Commence with the building of dams to improve hydro-electricity.
7) Create cooperatives to operate as a buffer scheme to stabilize the agro-industrial sector.
8) Lobby and sign trade agreements with foreign countries and or investors.
9) Initiate the building of the hospitality industry. (Tourism)
10) Order the building of airports in all ten regions.
11) Order the construction of farm to market road and all national roads.
12) Introduce the no child, no man left behind the rule that will cater for number 13 – 16 below.
13) Order public education to be free at all levels.
14) Order healthcare to be free throughout the national territory.
15) Order the creation of the social security and social security fund.
16) Order the creation of a healthcare fund. Medicare and Medicaid.
17) Order the creation of immigration and custom enforcement offices throughout the national territory.
18) Order the creation of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) throughout the national territory.

Questioned on how he will finance all those 18 points economic plan, he wrote ” This is how we will pay for all of this, though it is limited. First of all, we all know that the main sources of Government Revenue are Taxation ” :
A- Inland Revenue Data Base:
1- That the government to create a department of taxation and licensure a branch of the inland revenue service to regulate the operation of businesses in accordance with laws enacted by congress.

2- That all shipping companies doing business with Cameroon must fax data stating their complete fright description to the inland revenue database before anchoring at any Cameroonian sea port.
3- That all airlines must comply with same procedures.
4- That all central / regional government payments and import / export duty payments be made via checks, credit and or debit cards.
5- That the Inland Revenue Service Department be granted with agents from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to enforce its laws.
6- That all payments to the central and state governments be made by means of credit and or debit cards.
7- That all land, property, and products emanating from it thereof pay a tax to the federal and regional government
8- That all citizens pay an income tax to the federal government and regional government.
9- That all businesses be equipped with camera footage and pay a tax to the Federal and State governments.
10- That all agricultural products be levied a flat rate tax per kilogram. Where such products are defined as but not limited to:

  1. Cocoa beans.
  2. Coffee beans.
  3. Palm nuts and palm oil.
  4. Cocoa yams above 200kg.
  5. Foods above 200kg.

11- That all marketable food stuff above 200kg is sold to the local cooperative who then will be responsible for transporting and marketing such produce at other city levels.

12- That computerized weigh bridges equipped with camera footage be built at the gateway to every city where commercial vehicles carrying such products are weighed. All defaults shall be unlawful and termed an act of felony. And that such weigh bridges be also built at major fishing ports for fish.

B- Toll gates.
1- That the Federal government through her department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) run all weight bridges and toll gates.
2- That all data from these weight bridges and all data from taxation be logged in a central computerized system at the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), the Congress, the Judiciary and main vault built by the central government. (only accessible by the CBI who briefs the President on a daily basis.

BaretaNews notes that Mr.Biya currently owns the Judiciary, Military, Governors, Divisional Officers, Sub-Divisional Officers and the body which manages elections (ELECAM) in the country. As far as this platform is concerned, with the current political dispensation, the opposition in Cameroon will find it difficult to crush the CPDM come 2018. They must be able to come together, form a unified voice and start campaigning now for reforms. The respective opposition parties are waiting to only engage in 2018 which is wrong. BaretaNews salutes the effort of USDP President for unveiling his economic plan but we think it is just another lofty ideas for the sake of debating. First things must be done first and the opposition parties in the Cameroons know very well about it.

God is still saying something.

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