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White House Doubts Ability of South Sudanese Leaders to Reach Peace Deal








The United States is questioning the leadership qualities of South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and the rebel leader Riek Machar to arrive at a consensus that will bring an end to the civil war which has plagued the young nation since 2013. The White House made its position clear on Sunday in that regard.

Threatening fresh batch of sanctions to either party that derails the peace talks which took place in the capital Juba last week and cautioning for those discussions to be more inclusive.

In a blistering tone coming from the White House, mindful of the fact that Washington had backed the country’s independence in 2011 after decades of war with Sudan only for the newly found nation to fall back into conflict 2 years after leaving thousands dead in a bloody civil war.

The statement reads ”We are deeply concerned about the direction of the current peace process….A narrow agreement between elites will not solve the problems plaguing South Sudan. South Sudan’s political leaders…have not demonstrated the leadership required to bring genuine peac….We remian skeptical that they can oversee a peacefuland timely transition to democracy and good governance.”

The warring factions were also implored to take the necessary steps in implementing a ceasefire while condemning the move by Parliament to extend term in office.

A draft resolution on June 13 at the United Nations Security Council had imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan.

President Kiir had earlier said last week he will commit to a peace deal to see an end to the war and seek to set up an inclusive new government. Th deal being proposed will create 5 vice-presidents, power-sharing agreements and security.









Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst


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