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West Cameroon has crossed the threshold of Fear- PCC Synod Clerk



“They Have Crossed The Threshold Of Fear!”

Kongnyuy, it’s been quite a while indeed! You are asking me about the going ons. What do you want me to say and from where do I begin?

The reign of terror has started. Mbarga and Ali says Limunga and Che can be let go only over their dead bodies. Well, it seems that they should go ahead and choose the spot where they will die because come rain, come shine, Limunga and Che must one day return home! We have been cut off from civilisation since last evening. All service providers were shut down and your vocal uncles are being picked up one after the other. The heavy arm of atrocious dictatorship has descended upon us. In fact, “big die dey for big compound!”

The false peace that has seemingly reigned – so the camouflage presented – has come to an end. Some of your frustrated cousins could not stay at home as they were advised to, so here and there they performed acts of heroism that dictatorship now calls “high treason!” I am reminded of Allan Boesak’s book written in protest of apartheid, “If this is treason, then I’m guilty.”

I salute the courage of all family members. I’m happy that we have all crossed the threshold of fear, mankind’s greatest enemy! Sorry they do not even take time to listen to the new battle song, “Na how many people. .. go kill…Oh them go kill we tire…!”

Please tell your uncles and all family members that now is the time!Mbarga is so desperate! He has ordered the banning of the group that was asked to plan for the family meeting. That’s foolishness of the highest order! All family members constitute that small group because we all endorsed them. We the family members are the group. We are in our father’s compound and nobody can stop us from deciding the fate of our relatives!

We all have crossed the threshold of fear and intimidation!

The child who says the mum won’t sleep cannot also sleep! If we cannot use the social media to talk to each other, we should go back to our drums and town criers! Where there’s a will, a way must be available!
Now is the time. Let us die together so that those who survive should live together! We deserve better than what we’ve experienced!

The man of cavalry says, “take heart, little flock. I have overcome the world!”
Remain strong! Be vigilant and alert at all times.
Please tell the Shufai to cause the town crier to make this announcement: “Keep our children safe; keep them off the streets!” Let them remain in the compounds, outside is not safe! Teargas and itchy water everywhere! Worst still are men in uniform ready to shoot to kill!

Unfortunately, no army has ever won a war against its own people, unless they are going to be the first!
Above all, let us commit our cause to the Lord in prayer at least three times a day! We see tougher and harder days ahead but with Jesus Christ, the liberator on our side, we shall overcome! God bless you! Peace be with you!

PCC Synod Clerk

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