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Of UK Foreign Secretary Calls For Urgent Dialogue And Hypocrisy Of British Government










Of UK Foreign Secretary Calls For Urgent Dialogue And Hypocrisy Of British Government

The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in a tweet yesterday Thursday, April 19th, 2018 requested for an urgent dialogue, need to speed up Decentralisation and respect of Human Rights in Anglophone Cameroon. He made the statement at the sideline of the Commonwealth meeting after talks with Cameroun Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

The Foreign Secretary went further to reiterate that his government will support peace and prosperity to their friends in Cameroun.

While BaretaNews largely agrees with the Foreign Secretary that Dialogue is needed and of course there is the need for Cameroun Forces to respect human rights in Anglophone Cameroon cum Ambazonia, we take great exceptions to his calls to speed up Decentralisation. Mr. Secretary is responding to the lies cooked up by Philemon Yang. We will like to remind Mr. Secretary that he has no authority to decide what future Southern Cameroonians want for themselves.

Boris Johnson Tweet, picture with Cameroun PM

When British wanted to separate or exit from the European Union, the people themselves decided and they said so loudly in a referendum. Britain did not join the EU without any concrete agreement and likewise they are leaving the EU on legality after a referendum. The people spoke and the British Government has no choice than to listen. Boris Johnson campaigned for Brexit because he knew the voice of the sovereign people matters. Two years after Brexit vote, UK is still part of the EU. This is because the terms must be sorted out which followed laid down text. Why does Boris Johnson think that what is good for the British is not good for Ambazonians? Why didn’t they remain with EU? Why are they leaving? Isn’t because the terms of the union is/was not moving any longer favourable?

The same British Government few years ago granted the rights of the Scottish to vote in a referendum whether they will like to be out of the Union with UK as an independent nation or remain with the quasi autonomy they now enjoy. Scottish went out both for and against and campaign and the results were clear. They voted to remain in the union because the sovereign people of Scotland wanted it so. Why didn’t Britain block the Scottish from doing so? They allowed them to have their say. Why should Southern Cameroons be any different?

Johnson Boris must be aware that Southern Cameroons was and has never been part of this present day Cameroun. This can be proven both historically and legally. The vote of Southern Cameroons on 11th February 1961 was clear: TO GAIN INDEPENDENCE by joining. Even though this vote was vexing and the third option greedily taken away from us on flimsy excuses, the terms of the Union according to the United Nations charters have never been materialised. It has never been legally binding especially following how Union between two different countries take place. This is why we say UN resolution 1608 has been breached heavily and many other UN charters. Boris Johnson must be aware that we are in this mess first and foremost because of the hypocrisy of the British. Just like Scotland referendum, Brexit referendum and subsequent decisions are now done following legal text so as to make it binding and official, Southern Cameroons 11th February Referendum failed to follow all existing laid down texts to make the union between both Cameroons binding and legal. La Republique simply crossed over and annexed Southern Cameroons and now we say NEVER AGAIN

I hope Boris Johnson has seen the daily atrocities committed by the government of La Republique Du Cameroun against Southern Cameroonians. Boris should understand that if Brits and Scottish had their say after decades and hundreds of years of union with EU and UK respectively then the people of Southern Cameroons after 50 years of this unholy concubinage with La Republique Du Cameroun deserve to have their say.

Boris Johnson and his government should stop the hypocrisy. If they really think Southern Cameroonians really want to stay with La Republique in this present form whether in a decentralised Cameroons, Federal or Unitary state then they should challenge us to a referendum. They should allow the people of Southern Cameroons have their say to see if it is that tiny “terrorist” minority who need “secession” or the majority of Southern Cameroonians want out. This is what Boris Johnson should be doing not engaging in bombing Syria killing innocent children then turn around to preach morality and peace in the Cameroons. What hypocrisy!!!!!

Southern Cameroonians must continue to know that the future to have a restored Southern Cameroons state cum Ambazonia rest on us. We must continue doing what we do, that is Targeted Diplomacy, Active Self Defense And Community Mobilisation. They will soon run to us.

We decide our future, not them

Mark Bareta

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