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La Republique Military Takes Guard At Major Junctions In Buea



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Panic in the Ambazonian Capital of Buea, as Restoration Forces’ Ultimatum to Colonial Officers Expires

There is paltry tension in the legendry city of Buea, capital of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. This follows the expiration of an ultimatum issued by restoration forces last week, for all colonial officers to leave the city immediately. The population appear to have taking the ultimatum very seriously , considering the recent engagements of the restoration boys around Ediki, a small village along the Buea-Kumba road.

Citizens of Buea, thus wakeup this Friday morning with very low momentum to engage in their daily activities, as the atmosphere remains gloomy with the fear of the unknown. A good number of businesses were completely shot down and the streets are scanty. Some shop owners were seen sitting in front of their shops with their doors partially open, while the roads to schools looked deserted. Colonial forces on took up positions at major junctions in the city. By Press time, the whole of Albert Mukong Avenue was still militarized.

Speaking to BaretaNews, a shop owner who had just partially opened her shop said; “…a lot of stories are out about the Amba boys already in Buea and they say this weekend will not be easy. Its better for me to be careful… that’s why you see my shop partially open.”

In another conversation with one of the city duelers in Soppo, she told this reporter how she received a frightening phone call from her boyfriend who has been missing since April, 2017. According to her, the boyfriend told her that she should leave Buea immediately, if she doesn’t have an identity card. When she insisted on finding out from the guy where he had been all this while and why she must leave Buea if she does not have an identity card, the boyfriend simply responded by telling her not to ask further questions but should do exactly what he had said.

The restoration forces operating in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia have always reminded the people at the capital city of Buea to prepare for their coming. They began their restoration campaign in Manyu County, landed in Meme, Ndian, Kupe Muaneguba and Lebialem. Last week, they were in Ediki, a stone throw from Muyuka Local government. Buea is not far from Muyuka and that is why the people are not taking their ultimatum to the colonial officers in Buea lightly.

How serious are the restoration forces with their ultimatum? What will happen if they launch a self-defense offensive on the colonialists in Buea? Will the colonial terrorists also burn down the whole of Buea as they have been doing elsewhere? These questions shall be answered as events unfold in the days and months ahead.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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