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Trump Vs Hillary: 6 Questions To Watch Out



The most anticipated debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump is happening at a day new polls showing the contest essentially tied. Trump has essential gain on Clinton in all battleground states
The debate will run for 90 commercial-free minutes. The debate at Hofstra University in New York is said to be one of the most watched TV debate in USA history. National polls and swing state surveys are getting tighter heading into the first presidential debate.

The Quinnipiac University declared the race “too close to call” on Monday, as its latest national poll of likely voters found Mrs. Clinton edging Mr. Trump by a margin of 47 percent to 46 percent in a head-to-head matchup.
Polls conducted CNN/ORC in Colorado and Pennsylvania that included Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, also offered little clarity. Mr. Trump holds a one percentage point advantage in Colorado, while Mrs. Clinton leads by the same margin in Pennsylvania.
In both states, voters with college degrees overwhelmingly support Mrs. Clinton. Those with less education heavily favor Mr. Trump.

These are some of the questions we should expect tonight
1. Can Trump demonstrate he’s fit for the Oval Office?
2. Can Clinton hide her contempt for her opponent and her disbelief at being locked in such a close race?
3. Can Trump perform for an extended period of time without a net?
4. Can Clinton overcome the trust issue with voters, especially those who remain on the fence?
5. How will the moderator perform under close scrutiny?
6. Can Trump give to the American people a detailed plan of his policies?

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