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The Treatment of English Language is an act of Annexation- Anglophone Bishops



Ambazonia Clergy

In this edition of dissecting the Bishops 22nd December letter to President Paul Biya, they gave exact examples on how the English language is being treated and desecrated by the Francophone government from the seaport to courts, to Ministries, to schools, to military etc. The manner in which the English Language is treated in the Cameroons explains the annexation concept on the people of Southern Cameroons by La Republique. The Bishops had this to say:

“The Treatment of the English Language
There have been widespread protests about the way the English Language has been treated in the public life of the nation.

i. State institutions produce documents and public notices in French, with no English translation, and expect English speaking Cameroonians to read and understand them.
ii. National Entrance Examinations into some professional schools are set in French only and Anglophone candidates are expected to answer them. Sometimes this happens even in the English-speaking regions.
iii. Visitors and clients to government offices are expected to express themselves in French, even in the English-speaking regions, since most of the bosses in the offices speak French and make no effort to speak English.
iv. Most Senior Administrators and members of the Forces of Law and Order in the Northwest and Southwest Regions are French-speaking and make no effort to understand the cultures and customs of the people they are appointed to govern.

v. Members of Inspection Teams, Missions, and Facilitators for Seminars sent from the Ministries in Yaoundé to the English-speaking Regions are generally predominantly French-speaking, and expect to be understood by audiences which are predominantly English speaking.
vi. The Military Tribunals in the Northwest and Southwest Regions are basically French courts.
vii. Basic Finance documents which businesses and other institutions are expected to work with are all in French. Examples include the COBAC Code, the CIMA Code, and the OHADA Code…..” writes Bishop of Kumbo, Buea, Bamenda, Kumba and Mamfe.

BaretaNews add that these are the exact things Southern Cameroonians have been complaining and only a two-state federation or better still an outright independence can save Southern Cameroons. The so-called decentralisation policy by the state has not worked since 1996 constitution and will not work even today.

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