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Time for An Anglophone Leadership



We must first of all salute the efforts of our teachers and lawyers especially the leaders. They are and still doing a tremendous job. However, it is my understanding that this fight is no longer a teachers or lawyers fight. It has passed the point of teachers or lawyers grievances. It is all about the collective survival of Anglophones as a people and as our Anglophone MPs wrote a few days ago, the solution boils down to 1961 decision which brought both Cameroons together and that is a federation.

I think it is, therefore, time both lawyers and teachers who have championed this course separately to come together and form a synergy. This synergy should issue a one policy document which cut across all sectors from Anglophone Cameroon and this policy document should have as a starter a constitutional conference to sort out federation with the Biya’s regime. The advantage we have now is that we have the most two pillars of our foundation who are very educated not like what happened in yesteryears.

People I tell you most solemnly if we lose this opportunity and this new found wind of change for the Anglophone people, we might undergo another 54 years of La Republique subjugation. Our teachers and lawyers must come together now under one platform so that Yaounde no longer dialogue with teachers or lawyers separately but with this unique platform which now has a leadership. We must understand their divide and rule tactics.

The lawyers and teachers must now form an interim Anglophone body with a leader probably taken from another sector. This leader and his or her team should be in charge of any negotiations. We must not go again in different ranks. Let the body be in charge of the talks and we all shall rally and contribute financially to sustain it month after month until freedom is sort.

The Anglophone people are ready but they need a Moses.

And so do I submit.

Mark Bara and I approve this message.

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