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Revisiting 11th February 2018 in Ambazonia, A day of Many Revolutionary Stories












Revisiting 11th February 2018 in Ambazonia, A day of Many Revolutionary Stories

The people of Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia for the second time killed and buried the fake 11th February celebrations in their territory last Sunday. A day in which Southern Cameroons political ancestors overwhelmingly voted in a plebiscite with all good intentions, to express their desires to become an independent nation, through a consummated union with La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). However, LRC has for many years intentionally distorted the significance of this day to a meaningless youth day, just to kill the political history of Ambazonia and continue the subjugation of the people..

Southern Cameroonians therefore, did not only heavily boycott the fake 11th February celebrations for the second time, but the people, through their actions in some areas equally sent out a clear message to the colonial authorities that it wouldn’t be business as usual for them in Ambazonia.

On the night of the 11th February 2018 in some communities in Ambazonia, restoration forces and community volunteers put up stiff resistance measures against the occupier. Such was the case in the famous Ekok, Kembong and Kwakwa villages in Manyu and Meme Counties. Four colonial forces were brought down by the invisible restoration forces, the headquarters of the colonial agents ransacked and their ammunitions confiscated. In their usual frustration driven response, the colonial puppies went on rampage, burning properties and shooting innocent villagers at will.

In Bali, community volunteers adopted the 2017 Batibo shit strategy to punish stubborn colonial agents and hungry Ambazonian traitors who were determined to participate in the colonial match pass and be paid their 1000 francs each. The Bali ceremonial ground was well decorated with carefully mixed shit, whose pungent smell hastily dispersed the colonialists from the scene.

While in Batibo, in Momo County, Special Forces of the ADF are reported to have invaded the ceremonial ground, bringing down three colonial officers, before arresting the colonial Divisional Officer, Mr. Namata Dilong and his vehicle later set ablaze. BaretaNews is told that an attempt by the colonial elite force BIR, to forcefully recover the arrested colonial .D.O through a gun battle, led to his dead from gun shots. The colonial Minister of Communication had however debunk the dead rumours.

All over Ambazonia, the fake youth day celebrations were heavily boycotted. From Mbonge, to Bangem and from Bali Kumbat to Boyo, and right into the interiors of Ambazonia, colonial agents were all confused as they waited for citizens in vain. In the cities like Bamenda, Nkambe, Buea, Limbe and Kumba, celebrations were very low keyed under heavy security protection. These celebrations were not by youths and school children, but by government officials and civil servants forced by the colonial administrative authorities to come out and participate in the March pass or be sacked. In fact, it became more of low keyed Labour Day Celebrations in the big cities in Ambazonia, than the so-called Youth day celebrations. Some primary school teachers in Bamenda who attempted honour the youth day turned Labour day celebrations, received a baptism of fire from hungry looking and frustrated colonial forces. The baptized female teachers went home with swollen buttocks, wondering how a state that had promised them protection during the celebration, was the one to offer them snake beatings through its security agents.

All in all, the 2018 colonial youth day in Ambazonia was a celebrated failure, and a clear message from Ambazonians to all who care to listen that Southern Cameroonians are no longer part of the status quo. The people of Southern Cameroons have decided to take their destinies into their hands. No amount of military intimidation, mayhem and brutalization shall be able to stop the resolve of the people. Like Hon’ Wirba Joseph puts it; “when the people shall rise, even if you bring the whole of the French military and add to yours, you’ll not be able to stop them.”

The colonial president Paul Biya, declared war on Southern Cameroons and so far, his forces have not been able to prosecute his war based on recommended conventional practices. What the world has seen is genocide, mayhem, arson and repeated attacks on innocent civilians, whom they claim to be protecting. It is these same civilians they expect to come out and celebrate a fake and meaningless youth day. But one thing is clear. Ambazonians are determined to go all the way to freedom, under all circumstances and that freedom they shall get AT ALL COSTS.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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