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Southern Cameroons Education Board Releases Details




It is no secret that the struggle for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons has been largely successful due to the immense sacrifices made by our teachers, students, parents, guardians and communities at large. A lot of people have been working quietly in the background not just to sustain the struggle, but also to come up with forward thinking ideas and solutions which are urgently needed in the restructuring of our current educational system under threat by La République’s Franco-educational infiltration. We would like to seize this opportunity, to thank all and sundry for their commendable efforts that has seen the recent conclave made ground breaking developments with regards to the future of the education of children.

It is worth mentioning that prior to the conclave, the “Think Tank;” a group of Southern Cameroonian experts in: education policy, entrepreneurship, defence, diplomacy, strategy, etc, deliberated intensely on the subject of school resumption. Thanks to these very dedicated and hardworking citizens, we now have a “white paper” that presents the options available to Southern Cameroonians with regards to this highly sensitive subject school resumption.

Amongst several resolutions adopted at the conclave, the most important was Article No6 that saw the creation of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Education Board (SCAEB). The immediate responsibilities of the board are:

1. To layout a calendar for the 2017-2018 academic year.

2. To make plans for the smooth resumption of schools.

3. To draft a new curriculum that is reflective of the Anglo-Saxon education system.

Mindful of the fact that the board would require a wide range of support in order to be able to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Mindful of the importance of the decentralisation of power. Mindful of the relevance of getting parents and communities to be directly involve in the educational process of their children, SCACUF’s Governing Council has also put in place, a separate commission that would regulate the SCAEB and work hand in hand with them in order to deliver better results. The commission is made up of a mixture of experts in various fields including education. It also boasts of teachers, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, etc, and would be managed by the office of the Vice Chairman; Mr. Tassang Wilfred who happens to be an expert in education as well.

Their task is not only limited to collaborating with SCAED to provide us a plan for the resumption of schools and a new curriculum, it is also inclusive of pedagogy and the adaptation of courses which are contextual relevant to Southern Cameroons socio-economic and political needs and development first, and to the international market second.

-It is unacceptable that after more than five decades of our union with La République, we cannot produce engineers who can effectively and independently construct and maintain our roads, bridges, reservoirs and other important infrastructures.

-It is unacceptable that after more than five decades of union with La République our bio-chemistry graduates cannot produce paracetamol.

-It is unacceptable that in 2017, a country surrounded by timber and blessed with sulphur is still importing matches.

The only reason that these things are happening is because of our current educational system and we can promise the People of Southern Cameroons that we are fighting tooth and nail to put and end to that. We need an educational system that produces young men and women who create contrary to the present one that predominantly produces consumers.

On that note, We therefore call on all our parents, teachers, and students not to fall into the traps of La République who are announcing a return to school in September without releasing our teachers, lawyers, students, and children who have been illegally locked up in Kondengui for months now. We cannot collaborate with the same LRC government who has responded to the legitimate demands of our teacher’s union leaders by arresting, killing, torturing them and forcing most into exile. The same La République that has dragged out clergy men to court for standing behind their people and the same La République that has damaged our very own coveted GCE board and exams.

Under No circumstances should our parents lose hope and send their children back to study under a system of education that has been purposefully designed by La République to assimilate and eradicate our Anglo-Saxon system of education, our legal system, and culture. We must continue the resistance and keep hopes alive and our numerous sacrifices would never be in vain.

We shall keep you constantly informed on the progress made by the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Education Board. In the meantime, if you have any questions or contributions to make to SCAEB, please send an email to: and it shall be routed to the right quarters.

The struggle continues.

Edited by Adjani OKPU-EGBE
for; SCACUF Communications.

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