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Self Defense Statement: A Mark Bareta Position

We have come to the bitter realisation that if we must get the attention of the international community like we have done lately and finally forces the hands of the regime and or other bodies to take genuine actions to end the political crisis, then we must invoke our rights to self defense.

We have come to the sad realisations that our lives do not matter and after the September 22nd and October 1st genocide on our land which saw hundreds massacred, mass graves in Buea, thousands abducted, thousands bullet wound and thousands in exile, we must now invoke our rights to self defense

We have to the ugly realisation that just last week, a traditional doctor Christain Ngeh was tortured to dead, Feh Buma, a pregnant lady died as a result of colonial governor in the northern zone actions, two of our comrades were killed in Munyenge, we must now invoke our rights to self defense.

We have come to truly understand that the peaceful people of Southern Cameroons have been pushed to the point where they must defend themselves.

We have come to understand that independence restoration must now go hand in gloves with targeted hard self defense and diplomacy. The two compliments each other without cancelling each other.

We have come to the realisation that after October 1st Proclamation, we restored our nation and as a matter of right, we have that right to own a government, police, army etc.

We have come to know that all legal, historical and UN instruments are on our side and in any court of law, in any diplomatic office we shall and we will win once the facts are put on the table.

We have come to the realisation that unfortunately the world is full of injustice and political and world power comes into play with special interest of foreign countries etc. Therefore, independence restoration shall not be given on the platter of gold no matter how just your case is.

We have come to the realisation that we cannot go back to our vomit and it is now a matter of life and dead.

We have come to the realisation that la Republique is not ready for dialogue and our destiny is in our hands. We must claim it.

Aware of the actions of Ambazonia Defense Forces of the AGC, SCYL, SOCADEF, DoD, Local Defense Groups etc

Cognisance of the fact that these groups had tried everything possible to form a united front but greed, Political gymnastic, suspicions, trusts has eroded them away.

After seeing a memorandum of understanding signed by all these defense groups to work together but till date they have not been able to implement a single text on it because of those vices explained above, the text has remained only on paper.

Aware of what is behind the scenes and what I have seen and known with all these groups involved before and now

Considering the recent actions of the ADF and the pronouncements of its leader Ayaba Cho Lucas

Recognising the setting in place of the Ambazonia Interim Government headed by his Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe.

Bearing in mind the need to henceforth kill all political mastubations so that real actions must commence.

I, Mark Bareta, Media soldier of the revolution, Consortium Emeritus Interim Leader, Founder/CEO of Bareta Media And Communications, Publisher of BaretaNews, Ambazonian Activist do hereby make the following pronouncements.

1. I support and endorse fully the actions of the Ambazonia Defense Forces, the Ambazonia Governing Council headed by its revolutionary leader comrade Ayaba Cho Lucas and called upon him to use all resources available to send away occupying forces from the land of Ambazonia. I hereby assure Ayaba and its group my unflinching support.

2. I support the creation of an Ambazonia Military Wing different from the political set up. It is my full understanding that the interim government is already doing well diplomatically as well as in communication, health, finance etc. I support the fact that the military wing must NOT be expressively under the Interim Government but Must Be covertly under the Interim Government. The voices and hands of the Interim Government (IG) must be strengthened by the actions of the military wing so that once the IG go out there to speak, they speak from the position of strength, they blame what ever happens on the silence of the international community to take actions that forces the regime to dialogue so as to force a political solution. The result as earlier warned by the international crisis group is the pick up of arms. The result as warned by the USA CIA in 1986 is the pick of arms. These are things we must not be afraid. This should be the wordings of the IG always. I hope the relationship between the IG and Military Wing is understood. There is no need explaining further. Let us look at the South African example.

3. The failure of all the defense groups to come as one under one command is now clear. It is now evident that after several attempt, they cannot come together. Therefore, I support a collaborative platform NOT a united front between these groups to be able to share resources, man power, and intelligence. Their collaborative platform must be based on the need that only La Republique is the enemy and therefore must take actions that hurts ONLY the regime and not the actions of different groups. It is now the fact that as time moves on, on the ground when real actions begin, the real groups that will proof their worth and they shall naturally find time to unite. They will always do. No more fake unity of faceless Facebook self defense groups.

4. The attack on the Interim Government and or self defense groups must stop. Surrogates must take the back seats and leaders must pull their actions together. Southern Cameroonians must rise up to self defense and continue pushing actions so that the Interim Government remains pure in the eyes of the international community while allowing self defense groups under a collaborative military wing to do their job. The IG must find ways in the most covert means to support these actions after identifying the real groups on ground Zero.

5. I once again throw my unflinching support to the guerilla warfare tactics. Aware that we do not have the military might to engage in a full blown fight, we must support guerilla tactics here and there to make the place ungovernable and support the fact that actions cannot go at once in all 13 counties but must begin in communities while marching on to midland. This way we weakened the occupier Forces, send fear in their camp until such a time we can develop a full blown police and army force.

6. Mindful of what I have seen and what is to happen in the future, I call on all soldiers of the revolution, Southern Cameroonians to support not only morally but heavily support the actions of Ayaba Cho’s ADF to sustain the ground game and all those who are putting their lifes in danger to fight. Yes, we must put our money where we want freedom. Support financially the ADF. It is our call. If you can’t, find other defense groups that you know. This is an open call.

7. I am putting henceforth a BaretaNews Self Defense Campaign team that shall organise fund raisers for self defense actions. This team shall begin in Belgium in the days ahead and first launching shall be done in Belgium and streamline live. People will be able to donate live or pledge live. Every franc shall be directed to self defense actions groups through the collaborative platform. The campaign team will move country by country in the diaspora.

I have made these statements freely as a free born Ambazonian, I continue to pledge my loyalty to the struggle and sovereign people of Southern Cameroons and as I always say, my allegiance goes only to the people of Southern Cameroons and NOT to any group or leader so much so that, I support any actions from any persons or groups that hurt the occupier and take us one step ahead. This is my philosophy. This is my role God has made me to identify. The kingdom of God suffereth violence and violence was taken by force. So help me God.

Mark Bareta

Otto Ama


  1. George

    November 14, 2017 at 2:41 PM

    Mark I doubt that there is a military solution. I think it will be even counter productive for our Interim Government diplomacy. If those groups want to attack something then not persons. Biya doesn’t care about a Bamileke gendarm or an ordinary soldier. But la Republique and its colonial master have strong economical interests in Ambazonia. Better to attack that (e.g. timber trucks, oil pipeline to Douala etc.).

    • Richard

      November 14, 2017 at 10:37 PM

      Well spoken bro. We must think strategically and not emotionally. LRC government will only care about actions that hurt them economically. We must not lose the battle of true legitimacy for our cause with the international community by trying to act like the barbaric government of LRC. If this descends into just another civil war then we lose even if we win in the long run.

  2. Malis

    November 14, 2017 at 5:03 PM

    The destiny of Ambazonia is driven by a divine force. No one can predict what is next but rest assured everything will come to past.

    This particular stage is the stage of reclamation and establishment of self defense. it is the most sluggish and time consuming stage. Yes, it will happen but how is not known. All conflicts evolve exactly like this.

    The truth is that the barbaric nature of the government of LRC makes them more worried about LRC falling apart when we finally separate.

    I can now say this is going to be the case. LRC is going to either go into a civil war or break into federation. The three main groups are those from the north, the central and the south. Their past is coming back to them and they can not stand it.

  3. Mukong

    November 14, 2017 at 6:17 PM

    As a people, Southern Cameroonians have been culturally programmed to uphold the sanctity of life. That notwithstanding, we cannot fold our hands and let a primitive people think that they have a monopoly to violence. Are we not suppose to defend ourselves? If a people can be so foolish as to delude themselves into believing that they can pass kitchen utensils, carpentry tools and farm equipment’s as weapon of war in the 21st century and hope that the world will believe their narrative speaks to how meager and unsatisfactory the mind set of these people can be.

  4. Fotoh Paul Ebong

    November 14, 2017 at 6:59 PM

    Mukong is saying same thing. We need guided sabotage with an economic cost: bring down the bridges, target brasseries, gov’t buildings etc. When we claim responsibilities for the death of people, la republic will use that and blame it on us. That is why I think any form of unilateral actions meant to self impose ones image for being the one who is fighting for the people is wrong. Gorrila warfare is very ok by me but it should not be a haphazard issue.


  5. Mukong

    November 14, 2017 at 7:39 PM

    Fotoh, that is actually putting things succinctly.

  6. Song

    November 14, 2017 at 7:51 PM

    @Mark i’m willing to refund your flight ticket to lead the fight on the ground. Fraudster like you.

    Why are you pushing innocent people to their early graves? If you want to engage in the guerilla warfare tactics, take the lead and i will personally support you financially and morally.

    Stupid man, the gofundme on people’s blood you have benefited from is not a enough.

  7. Ambe Kenneth

    November 14, 2017 at 8:39 PM

    Mark, I think it is high time you start calling our nation by its real name each time you need to mention it. This thing about Southern Cameroons is no longer a given. May be we leave that to the History books and any necessary legal discourse. The Nation is called The Federal Republic of Ambazonia or Ambazonia for short.

    And to Malis, first thing that will happen after we finally separate from La Republique Du Cameroun is Civil war. I am not prescribing this. It is simply who they are. They may never even contemplate Federation, believe me.

    • George

      November 14, 2017 at 8:55 PM

      In la Republique quite sure. Now they have a common enemy. Us. After the start to fight each other.

  8. saa

    November 14, 2017 at 9:16 PM


  9. Pompidou Mensah

    November 15, 2017 at 3:12 AM

    Let real smart people plan this. Schools will never resume, we will never forget murdered, maimed, tortured and imprisoned citizens. larepublique has many enemies: finance, continuous erosion of confidence by the international community( even Obasanjo, Lowell, Mass. on our side, larepublque( jungle tribes fighting each other( Ndong, Ndong, Abah Abah, Mendo Ze, Patrice Nouma, musicians, police, army, BIR. Boko Haram, refugees from the Central African Republic, biya hated by Obiang Equatorial Guinea, all decent heads of states asking him to resign, the port of Kribi way behind schedule, owes the Chinese tons of money for stupid projects, airports, seaports, schools, hospitals, bad roads, no electricity or water. He can’t negotiate because he knows he is going to lose. France should stop supporting him because she will lose(just a matter of time) For self-defence let us learn from Vietnam and Rwanda, combine with nordists. If everything is well coordinated, the battle won’t last a month ( just like Mobutu) these dogs will flee, they have never fought a battle. Look at what happened in Bakassi and the robbing of banks in Limbe all BIR gendarmes, police ran away, hiding in prostitute houses drunk. I have advertised in African and travel magazines to BOYCOTT larepublique and AFCON 2018.

  10. Pompidou Mensah

    November 15, 2017 at 3:37 AM

    If you want to talk DEFENCE then this is the truth, I hope all Ambazonians take this to heart and pass on to all our citizens, groups and government.
    2million Ambazonians in the diaspora. Here is the math if you are really serious.

    2 million X $10/month = $20,000,000

    2 million X $100/quater = $200,000,000

    2 million X $1000/per year = $2,000,000,000,000 = $2billion,

    We can defend, build schools, roads, airports, more than budget of larepublique.

    If you call me too optimistic do the math yourself with, 1million: 500,000: 100,000: 50,0000

    How badly do we want our state free of maggots?

  11. Pompidou Mensah

    November 15, 2017 at 3:43 AM

    Sorry last calculation

    2 million X $1000/peryear = $2,000,000,000= $2Billion.

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