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Southern Cameroons Activists Front-SCAF
Office of the Chairman
January 21st, 2018

Considering the war on Southern Cameroons and attempts by La Republique Du Cameroun to extinct us as a people, we the Southern Cameroons Activists, under the Southern Cameroons Activists Front, SCAF have been meeting to look at ways of contributing to ensure the war on us is brought to an end as well as bringing the revolution to a logical conclusion.

Given our desire to see all living forces both home and abroad to stand as one man and defend our freedoms and right to existence resolve as follows:

– That we have decided to make use of the Anglo Saxon Culture of respect and decency in a bid to sanitize the social media space for the greater good of the Revolution. We have collectively acknowledged our shortcomings prior to our meeting and pledge to sway from profane languages to a more peaceful one, void of insults and disrespect.

– That we shall henceforth be engaged in joint live shows , regardless of our divergent ideologies with the sole aim of putting the Southern Cameroons people-driven revolution first. The first show has been slated for Wednesday, January 23 @ 8 Pm Amba time. Further details shall be announced

– That we have created a facebook page ( Southern Cameroons Activists Front and other social media handles through which we shall be communicating with our people on ground zero and the international community.

– That we are conscious of the numerous announced conferences by the IG and other movements and are in the process of talking to all the leaders of the revolution to understand the agenda of each event and would thereafter take a position in the interest of the revolution.

– That we shall be engaged in a series activities especially in the arena of civil and political education to enlighten ground zero and the diaspora in view of making sure we consider the legal implications of the revolution.

– That we call on all activists and would be activists to exercise restraint and that we would henceforth focus our efforts on French Cameroon which has been killing our people, burning down our villages and destroying our livelihood.

– That we would continue to speak as a people as long as the war upon us is not brought to an end by the Biya and subsequent regime

Solomon Amabo
SCAF Chairman.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dr chepnezin(pharm)

    January 21, 2019 at 8:35 PM

    Its better because, I petty the journalism of all the Buea graduate in the revolution. I detest all your waywardness and get mad when some of you speak on the revolution. I have lost my all for a caword to stay in his small car, insult people on ground zero who are paying price for the revolution.only Wirba is trying to rekindle my hope for that revolution if those self proclaimed leaders humble them shelf and come together.

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