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Response: Prof. Pondi is a “master manipulator”



Today Prof.Pondi sent out a statement on the Anglophone problem. Though he acknowledges the problem, he fell short in understanding the stakes and still proposes decentralization as an effective solution to the Anglophone problem coupled with a lot of other Inuendos. Boh Herbert, former CRTV Veteran Journalist in a response to the Professor, says he is a master manipulator. Read his statement.

OPINION: Prof. Pondi Proves He is Just an Asshole

This article unveils Prof. Pondi again as a “master manipulator”. This gentleman is one of the shame-proof “poster boys” of the kind of special “Essingan” privileges that Southern Cameroonians are decrying and without which his father would never have been Ambassador to the USA.

Prof. Pondi has done this time without number on CRTV: not being able to distinguish the trees from the forest. In manner no different from the frightened kid in the school yard who runs to the teacher to report “two boys fighting, sir!”, Prof. Pondi sees “two groups… at loggerheads”. He manages to see those he calls Anglophones at loggerheads with those he calls Francophones.

Lacking the courage to speak to the political problems at stake, Prof. Pondi hides behind what he calls “shortcomings” causing “lots of displeasure” to populations in all ten regions of the country. Prof. Pondi is stupid enough to try to make believe that lawyers in Maroua are pleading cases in English; that English-speaking judges are hearing cases in Sangmelima; that French-speaking citizens serve in an Army whose only official language is English; that English-speaking teachers are delivering technical and vocational education in English to French-speaking kids in Ngaoundere.

Surely because Prof. Pondi loves the privileges he has enjoyed all his life, he calls Southern Cameroonians using what must be fictive “grievances to achieve unknown goals”.

No, Prof. Pondi. Our struggle is not about the failure stemming from the Foumban Conference of 1961 to recognize “the existence of TWO distinct Cameroonian entities”. Our struggle is about decrying colonization of Southern Cameroons – one of TWO EQUAL STATES to the Union formed in 1961 – by La Republique du Cameroun, the other state party to the Union. It is about self-government; a right we cannot and will never negotiate away.

The only impression Prof. Pondi leaves me is one of someone keen to spread fallacies. For example, he claims falsely that the SCNC is secessionist and blames Francophones “for all their woes”. He also lies about ongoing protests being violent, orchestrated not “by a minority of Anglophones”. No, Prof. Pondi. The violence is the handwork of the French-speaking colonialist army of occupation of La Republique du Cameroun that is trampling on every right any Southern Cameroonian ever had. Acting like the murderer who brings the murder weapon on him TK the stand, Prof. Pondi cites Resolution 1352 (XIV) of the UN General Assembly of 16th October 1959 which, not unbeknownst to this otherwise brilliant professor, simply reinforces the case of colonization that Southern Cameroonians are making.

Unable to comprehend the freedom Southern Cameroonians are exercising to lead protests against the all-powerful ad murderous regime that he serves, Prof. Pondi suggests that the protesters are abusing what he terms “legal provisions” and that they “advocate secession”. Prof. Pondi does worse than the regime he serves by putting down on paper the rumor floated by the secret services of the Biya regime that Southern Cameroonians are calling for “the return of francophones to their land”.

I don’t know how to say this less colorfully, but when an Anglophonized Francophone like Pondi tries so desperately to reduce issues of self-rule to one of Francophones versus Anglophones; when a so-called professor finds nothing else to wish Southern Cameroonians except a genocide; when Prof. Pondi manages to provide advance justification for the genocide the regime is preparing by accusing Southern Cameroonians of chasing Francophones from Southern Cameroons; I have to get angry and tell this Professor Pondi fellow what I really think of him. This fellow is just the kind of asshole the dictatorial regime of President Biya has raised, spoiled and trained him as well as pays him to be.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh

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