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The Anglophones in Cameroun are the cause of their problems, Don’t blame Francophones. They call it “the Anglophone Problem”, of course, it is the Anglophone problem caused by the Anglophones themselves. It’s not caused by the Francophone man, No it’s not.


  1. You are an Anglophone but you find it a taboo to unite with a fellow brother to fight a common cause, you prefer to unite with a foreigner to rather fight that Anglophone at the end, there is enmity among yourselves. Now who caused this problem? You or the Francophone?


  1. An Anglophone man who is Director General at PAMOL, will refuse to recommend an Anglophone to seat as Deputy GM, but instead, prefer to recommend a Francophone who is not even as qualified as the Anglophone.Why? Because he fears one day when he leaves office, he might be replaced by that Anglophone brother-he wants to be remembered as the First and Only Anglophone to hold that office. Think about it. The Vice Chancellor or UB will prefer to recommend a Francophone man from Francophone University who barely understand English and the English System to be Deputy VC, while we have Dr. Asibong, Richard, James Abangma, J.B Fonyam and the rest, for fear that they might be DVC and challenge your VC powers. Check it out for UB.
  2. You are a Mankon Man but you refuse to sell LAND at Commercial avenue to a Moghamo man for fear that he might build skyscrapers and his name and that of Moghamo Tribe will go up. You prefer to sell it to a Bamileke man instead and today your entire Bamenda Commercial avenue is owned and controlled not even by you but a Bamileke man.


  1. You are a Bakossi man, your family, and entire extended family lives from hand to mouth, but one little boy among that big family has been signed by a Football Club at a fee of 50 million pounds. You developed hatred for your late brother’s son and give him slow poison until he finally dies. A kind generous boy who should have brought light to the family, you prefer to remain in that miserable state? Whose fault is it? The Francophones? Please spare me.


  1. What about a Bayangi man who chooses Petition writings against a fellow brother in authority more than the love and support he should give to him to grow. When he finally goes down, what will be your profit? Nothing, but Big Big grammar, I am, I was. You fought Agbor Tabi so hard till his death, Now that he’s gone, what’s your profit? Do you think you will be the next D Secretary General at the Presidency???? No way.


My advice is simple, Anglophones must stop blaming Francophones for their social, political and economic standstill and face this calamity that has beclouded our Anglophone jurisprudence. By Ashu Shamy

By Ashu Shamy for BaretaNews.

BaretaNews Reaction:

We want to take another angle at this. These are common traits we find amongst groups of peoples in Africa. It’s somewhat common. However, we agree that we have a lot of work to do as a people. However, the Anglophone problem is none of what Ashu just described above. Those are petty fights, backstabbing, greed etc which constitutes nothing close to the Anglophone problem. The Anglophone problem is Unique and can be read here

God is still saying something.


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