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PCC Bows To La Republique, Attempts To Frustrate Southern Cameroons



The Presbyterian church of Cameroon, PCC has bowed to La Republique Du Cameroun. The Moderator has instructed school establishments to promote all pupils and students to the next class and went on to declare that they are ready for September, 2017 school resumption.

Southern Cameroonians are educated. Southern Cameroonians want the best for their children. It is not just about going to school. Education is holistic. I am yet to see any solutions enacted by the colonial regime to the grievances raised by the teachers. However, those in jail are also students, teachers, parents of pupils and students and the all for one principle must hold. We cannot fight today to fight tomorrow. Holding the educational sector has been the non violent means to push La Republique on the table and it is rather unfortunate that our children education have been sacrificed. Such sacrifice is for the good both for them in the near future and good for the homeland. What promotion is PCC talking about when the year was virtually lost?

The first step to normalcy will be to release all those in jail. The PCC trying to announce school resumption is vexing to the soul. Once the right parameters are there, the Southern Cameroons Leadership shall announce the academic year. We could have understood if PCC request all to repeat their various classes.

Well, what must be done must be done. If PCC is joining the line of enemies against the state of Southern Cameroons then so be it. Any other Church who will follow same line will join the blacklisted institution. The people shall resist and yes Southern Cameroons shall be free.

We made bold to say that we are going to see in September who rules Southern Cameroons. As long as our people are in jails, there shall be no peace and if it means that we should include the Church as enemy of the people, we are going to do that. Sons and daughters of Ambazonia must brace up. We are in trying times but we must succeed. The bible says if your left eye cause you to sin, then you must pluck them off and throw. We are waiting for the interim government. This should come as soon as now.

Mark Bareta.

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