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NDU Mayors Schooled Police Officers; Facilitates Referendum Forms



Friday October 7 2016 was an exciting day in Ndu. Mr. Konglim Samuel, a motor mechanic technician in Ndu town is suddenly surrounded by the police and whisked off to the Ndu Police Charge Office. He is charged for circulating and facilitating the signing of an SCNC form entitled “DO YOU WISH TO PEACEFULLY SEPARATE FROM REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN AND ACHIEVE SOVERIEGN INDEPENDNCE?? And a Card with the inscriptions BSC SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM, with a serial number and map of Southern Cameroons on the flip side. He accepts the charge and wonders what constitutes a crime in it.

He is told that it is an act of secession, punishable by law. He informs them that he is working in a team, especially as he was given the forms by some of the Mayors at the Ndu Council. He then was obliged to cite a name and he named Mayor Nformi Lucas Docta, who was instantly summoned and incarcerated as well.

Mayor Nformi, in his statement acknowledged that he has actually handed the Referendum Forms to Mr. Konglim alaias “Early Man”. He took time to give them a free lecture, reminding the police that it was President Biya himself who boasted to foreign media that he is ready to organize a referendum in the British Southern Cameroons to prove that it is just a handful of frustrated persons agitating. It was at that moment that the First Deputy Mayor for Ndu LGA, Martin Fon Yembe drove up with the 2nd Deputy Mayor, Mayor Tanko George Shifu and indicated that they too were circulating the referendum forms.

The police Inspector, Shey wirsiy indicated he has already taken the statements from the two, and asked Mayor Yembe Martin to bail them out…which was effectively and dramatically done. A convoy of activists who had learnt of the event had encircled the police station…now led the two from the police station to the other end of town where Konglim, Earlyman was arrested. It was at that moment that word spread around that it was one Sambo, a prince from the Ndu Fon’s palace who had called the police to report Mr. Konglim Samuel.

There is this mix up especially with some cpdm zealots in Ndu, that the SCNC is a political grouping. As long as anyone carries out any activity in the area that may hurt the Francophone regime led by Biya, these uninformed CPDM aficionados get panicky and jittery . Meantime, the activists in Ndu thank the police for sensitizing the public through this singular act, and wish that many of such arrests take place to hasten the signing exercise. They are anxiously awaiting further convocations from the Nkambe courts or even beyond.

By Asonyu Achu Paul in Nkambe
For BaretaNews

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