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Marafa Calls For No School Through Out Cameroon



MARAFA H YAYA is a Former Minister of Territorial Administration who is currently in detention for state embezzlement. This is his second public letter in line with this struggle. In his first letter, he called for effective decentralization and the return of the country name to the United Republic of Cameroon. In his second letter, it reads:

Dear Cameroonian

In recent months our Anglophone brothers and sisters have been demanding for their fair share of treatments by the current government. I say it is no longer an Anglophone Problem but a Cameroonian problem because Francophone Cameroonian cannot be going about their business thinking that Cameroon is on the right track when their Anglophone brothers and sisters are suffering. I call on all the people of Cameroon to join the Anglophone in their fight for freedom and equal opportunities as francophone Cameroonian. The following must be in place in other for a peaceful solution to the ongoing problem.

No school throughout Cameroon until the Anglophone teachers demands are met

No senior Administrators in the Anglophone Regions who are Francophone and who cannot express themselves in both English and French. With time the Anglophone should Have Anglophone Governors in their Regions. Some people will say l am dividing Cameroon but my answer to them is no because when you do not understand another person culture how do you treat them.

The Anglophone Law should be maintained without any changes. The Francophone Judges and Lawyers in the Anglophone Regions must be able to practice the common law in English not bringing the French law and practice to the Anglophone Regions.

All majors roads in all ten Regions of Cameroon should be repair especially those of the Anglophone Regions

A conference should be called with all the key players involving the head of States to sit down to find a peaceful solutions to the Anglophone problem with no intimidation from the government.

Finally, l want to thank all the leaders and the Anglophone people for their peaceful sit-down strike yesterday on the 9th without any harm to both people and property. The fight must go on until the government meets the above demands.

Mr President

I know that you are having sleepless night due to the ongoing problem in the the Anglophone Regions. There are your people and you must talk to them as Cameroonian and give them their fair share and listen to their demands. You are the cause of all these problems because had you called on them to sit down at the start, Cameroon would not have been in this mess. This is not an Anglophone problem but a Cameroon problem. Listen to the people. the wind of change is with them not you.

Long live Cameroon Long the people of Cameroon.

Marafa H Yaya

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