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We Must Target La Republique Sources In Our Land-Messner






My fellow Ambazonians & SCs,
Here are my new roadmap proposals for all pro-independence groups:

1. Congratulations to the new spokesman Milton Taka! He did a wonderful first public presentation, including answering live callers, by hitting the nails, saying the things like they are and having the courage and vision to call our soon to be independent state “Ambaland”, which pronounces that we are not only a “zone” in another country but a full land, country, nation! Also Congratulation to SCACUF’s new leader trio Tabe-Millan-Tassang, who have presented themselves in public convincingly to be humble servants of the people’s interests, intelligent visionaries showing the right way and mediative bipartisans, who are able to further unite different groups and opinions! And Congratulation to the adherent Ambazonia- and Youth-groups, both in the homeland and in the diaspora, who persisted to do all the necessary nitty gritty background work for real effective progress towards further mobilization and unification among our own rows and pulling on one rope together against our common enemy: the occupant, annexor, exploiter, corruptor and brutalizer of our homeland: the Biya puppet regime hanging on the threads of puppet player France. This tendency to let competence, intelligence and humble servitude become the leaders is the right way to go and will lead us to victory. And that victory will not only be the restoration of something British, but the achievement of real independence, self-governing and full sovereignty in our own state, country, homeland: Ambaland, Ambazonia, Amba Nation, however our people will name it later in a referendum, even “Southern Cameroons” or “Volcanic Guinea”, if they want it. It is the holy right of the people to determine their name.

2. Biya clings to power no matter what and he has the money to pay Chinese hackers or agents who do all kinds of dirty jobs for him, and a supervision apparatus which is taping people on the streets, letting MTN work for him in spying into social media, registering all people who go on demonstrations and track and check their suitcases when they fly from Europe to Cameroon, installing spies in Nigeria in the border area who pretend to be Southern Cameroonians, and do kidnappings, tortures, law breakings by occupant soldiers whenever he orders, although the whole world knows that he is not a president but an illegitimate puppet dictator and embezzler-in-chief of Cameroon for France and Switzerland. But he has several major points of weakness: senility, stupid stubbornness, and dependency on the resources he steals from Ambazonia and Cameroun, with which he maintains his bribing and corrupting system. And these weak points are where we can attack him and make him fall now. The wonderful civil disobedience and protest strategy “ghost town” will not only be maintained until real change comes, but we can add up to the partly self-harming sacrifices now the enemy-harming sabotage actions of all the economic and military supply routes of Biya’s system of oppression in our homeland. Everything which brings Biya a robbery-Franc from our resources shall be cut down now at the origin of the exploitation: where timber is cut, we immobilize the motor saws, where a pipeline is built, we unscrew the pipe connection parts, where the soldier’s vehicles get their gas, we fill in water, where they eat, we take their food away, where they have a bank, we crack the tresor, where they have a camp we cut their current, where they have their politicians we throw them out, where they want to bribe, we take their money and don’t do what they want anyway …. But all this, and that is most important: without killing the enemy in outright terrorist actions. Only psychological warfare. The enemy shall fear! Because the UN may send peacekeeping troops as puffer zone into our country, if we show to the world that not we but Biya is the terrorist. And when the UN peacekeepers are in, then Biya must leave our homeland!

3. Everybody who still has the old passport of British Southern Cameroons and his/her children have a right to get the British passport. To make all of them request it from the UK will help to make the UN sending troops to us and recognize our sovereignty even more, especially if we continue to show the UN with vehemence, that back then we were tricked into a union with French Cameroun under false pretext. So all our pro-independence groups must advice all possible candidates for a new passport to apply for it, and additionally prepare a professional print of our own Ambazonian / SC passport for those who don’t get the British one. But it is most necessary that we stop doing kindergarten passports which are not really valid and only create impression of doing illegal things, which only Biya could exploit on us again. In general, all half-baken things have to stop now. We need real hardliners as our own leaders now who box all individuals out who still want to do collaborative, federalizing or advantageous stuff for or with the Biya system. No, from now on, we can only allow real independence advocators, real professionally made passports and own embassies, real buildup of an own army and police and Amba currency anymore and all this inside the frame of international legality. We need to show to the UN and the world, that our interim government is really able and willing to act like a responsible representation of an independent country which forbids individual rambos to start unnecessary illegalities.

4. The diaspora can stop expensive travels to frequent conferences in which only hot cocks show that they want to be the king of them all or entertainment chicks show that they are the fashion queen on a fundraising gala which only collects peanuts. Instead, every Ambazonian citizen needs to get historic documents and truth-telling, officially signed letters together with a list of addresses to journalists, channels, organizations, politicians and CEOs in his area, to which he/she has to send all this information or educate that third party in personal meetings and conversations. Smol smol fundraising is good and necessary but our leaders need to become appreciated negotiation partners to bigtime supporters who have billions of dollars and can overtake Sonara to our favor so that most of the revenue will flow to our people. We need to understand that nobody, who thinks first about how much profits it will bring for himself if he joins the new government or movement of a free Ambazonia, will become a member of the new Ambazonia government or economic elite, but only those who serve the people and the common benefit first, will be leading and get positions. Because the new, liberated Ambazonia will have a new constitution which is anti-corruption, anti-dictatorship, anti-colonial, anti-tribalistic and anti-entitlement-mentality. And those who don’t swear an oath of allegiance to it or who are not elected by the people or who are refusing to teamwork won’t be ruling. Freedom is not only about restauration of something historic, it is a permanent political education process, in which we all learn to serve the common benefit before the private interests. So all pro-independence groups need to establish a common best website which provides all the info the people, a common account which has strict controlling be members of all groups, and a common agenda, which is followed by all in a way which obeys the leadership council.

Best greetings, Christoph Messner

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