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Kamto’s MRC Rubbishes Biyalogue: Says Party Will Not Attend The Sham Process



Maurice Kamto


By Mbah Godlove

Maurice Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement-CRM Party has declared that they will neither take part in any consultative meeting nor the so-called Grand National Dialogue under the colonial Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. The party is disgusted by the sham process in which it is done and said it is not genuine especially as its leader and separatists leaders are still in jail.

They made this declaration in a five-page document made public, the CRM declares it will not participate in anything that has to do with the Biya’s dialogue in what has been broadly termed a Biyalogue once the party’s National President Prof. Maurice Kamto and.other militants and supporters are still detained. The CRM maintains the resolving the Anglophone Crisis is still its preoccupation.

It should be recalled that Biya in a state address last week called for National Dialogue to resolve the conflict in Southern Cameroons but the consultation phase has been shrewd with more than 80 percent francophones who have nothing to do with the conflict while sidelining actors in the process and prominent Anglophones who still believe in the one Cameroun agenda through Federation

Separatists have all rejected the process and said they will accept only a dialogue charged by a neutral party and one that involves the Government of Cameroun and Representatives of Southern Cameroons

Prof Maurice Kamto was one of Cameroun’s October 2018 Presidential candidate who declared victory and insisted that he is the legitimate President-elect of Cameroun. Since then he and many of his followers have been arrested by Biya’s forces and currently languishing in jail

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