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John Fru Ndi, the Villain Of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia









From a Hero to a Zero: John Fru Ndi Retires from La Republique’s Presidential Race amidst Plunging Popularity in his Stronghold, Ambazonia

The insistence of Mr. John Fru Ndi, to hold his SDF Convention in Bamenda, Ambazonia against the wishes of the very true supporters of the party for 25 years is absolute prove that, the septuagenarian has no iota of concern for the poor masses who have stood by him and defended him from the fangs of the colonial regime for 25 year. It is absolute prove that Mr. Fu Ndi and his SDF collaborators, for 25 years have used the political gullibility and yearnings for political freedoms by the Southern Cameroons people, to build his politico-economic empire. If not, what account for the fact the SDF chair defied the calls from his own very people who created and have defended the SDF, to go ahead with a convention in the political town of Bamenda?

Certainly, in the subconscious of Fru Ndi and his old covert friend Paul Biya, it would have been the fall of Bamenda to the Ambazonian movement if Fru Ndi would have moved his party’s convention out of the politically historic city. Bamenda, being the birth place of both capitalist political parties, (with the SDF masquerading as a socialist party), had already rejected the CPDM on December, 8 2017, when Atanga Nji and co were airlifted out of the town to safety, by colonial forces. Fru Ndi therefore wanted to prove that he is a fighter. Who is he fighting? Mr. Paul Biya or the people who have made him for these years?

The refusal by the Catholic and Presbyterian churches to give out their halls for the said convention (thanks to pressure from the people), coupled with the protests and ghosted atmosphere under which the convention was held, is enough message to Mr. Fru Ndi that the people have vomited him and his insistence of trying to tie their destinies to the blood sucking Yaoundé regime. Thanks to the pressure from the people, the back door political romance between the SDF and the limping CPDM has been brought to the lamplight, as they had to hold a so-called opposition convention in the secretariat of the very CPDM they have been criticizing for 25 years. The Chairman Fru Ndi, and his band of political plotters therefore had no bases castigating the CPDM while sitting under its own roof.

So, for 25 years, the SDF could not afford a befitting venue for its political activities in the almighty Bamenda, which has defined and dictated the political trajectory of the Cameroons for over 56 years. But Fru Ndi and his political cohorts, for 25 years of a covert romance with the CPDM have been able to litter personal infrastructures all over the Cameroons, while the people they claim to be standing for, languish in poverty and misery.

As a so-called socialist party, where are the socialism achievements of Mr. Fru Ndi and his party for 25 years? Is the blood sucker Biya still not in Power in Yaounde? How many Southern Cameroonians has the socialist SDF party sponsored through scholarships in universities in her 25 years of existence and constant support from the Southern Cameroons people? Is the SDF and Mr. Fru Ndi not less popular today than when the party was created?

By defying the will of the people, the very people the SDF claims power belongs to, Mr. Fru Ndi and his capitalist party have started a long battle with the people who gave them power for these 25 years. For the first time in 25 years, Bamenda observed a ghost town in protest against Fru Ndi and his political cabal. For the first time in 25 years, LRC colonial forces who have often molested Fru Ndi and shot indiscriminately into his Ntarikon residence during political riots in Bamenda, became his friends, providing him security against his own people. For the first time in 25 years, Fru Ndi held his own almighty opposition party convention in the almighty political Bamenda, in a CPDM secretariat, with Mr. Biya as the invisible Chairman. For the first time in 25 years, Fru Ndi has become an enemy to his own political sycophants, who have always defended him in public against all odds. For the first time in 25 years, Fru Ndi’s party regalia caught fire in public under the supervision of die heart supporters. Fru Ndi for 25 years said power belongs to the people, but now Fru Ndi is saying power belongs to him and Paul Biya. Pride comes before a fall, and that is where Mr. Fru Ndi and his SDF are heading to in the face of the Southern Cameroons people – From HEROS TO ZEROS.

So long as the Ambazonian revolution continues, Fru Ndi and his selfish political click, including the blood sucking demons called the CPDM, have all become politically irrelevant in the eyes of the Ambazonian people. All what they are trying to do now in Ambazonia are what could be described as political masquerading, somnambulism and the last kicks of dying horses. The people shall triumph over their evil machinations which are aimed at enslaving them for live to a colonial La Republique du Cameroun. Until them, let the revolution Continue.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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