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Jailed Consortium Leaders Should Hold Their Heads High- Prof Fanso



Prof Fanso, Cameroons Top Historian has reacted To Mark Bareta Editorial published earlier today Titled: Of Southern Cameroons Struggle and Conditional Release.

He writes:

When Nelson Mandela was told in the 1980s that he would be released if he accepted to go on exile after he had been more than a quarter of a century in jail, he rejected the offer outright. He said it was better to die in jail than to run away or shut his mouth from talking about the struggle to free his people that had sent him to jail. When he was finally released with others unconditionally, it was victory for Black South Africans and all people struggling justly against all forms of relegation. He was immediately ranked with Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr as greatest champion of non-violent freedom fighter. That is what those arrested and detained over this crisis are. Yes Mark, if they accept conditional release, even with others detained for the same reason, it will be nothing but defeat. They know and the people behind them know that all of them in detention committed no crime in this struggle and should not be there. They should hold their heads high.


Mark Bareta thanks Prof Fanso for coming in powerfully in this on going debate. The Southern Cameroons Must Be Free.

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