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Government Loans Another 180 Billion From World Bank



The Minister of Energy and Water, Basile Atangana Kouna has revealed that the Société nationale de transport de l’électricité in Cameroon, Sonatrel, will be launching a programme to strengthen and update Cameroons electricity network grid

The Biya’s regime is seeking a 940 billion financing to complete this program. Minister Atangana said “Part of the financing is being finalised right now through the IRBD branch of the World Bank, thus a loan 180 Billion is being sorted out.

It seems the government of Paul Biya is serious about 2035 emergence. Within a month the government has been engaging with a series of loans from different countries and institutions. This latest adds to the 75 billion laptop loan from the Chinese Exim bank and 139 Billion CFA loan from the Italian bank, Intesa Sanpaolo to construct an ultra-modern 60.000 capacity stadium at Olembe, outskirts of Yaoundé.

The Cameroons people are not yet told on how these loans will be paid by the government. The government of Biya is trying to do these accumulated projects two years prior to the 2018 Presidential elections.

God is still saying something.

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