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Foreign Students Escape from Belgium after attacks



Reports indicates that since the terror attacks which took place on 22 March, foreign students are less likely to choose Belgium as their study destination or country. This was made known by exchange organisation AFS. They indicated that in addition to fewer enrollments for next school year, up to 10% of the enrolled students have cancelled their plans and deregistered, reports the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. Belgium is gradually becoming a feared destination to study due to the terrorists attacks.

Meanwhile, AFS Flanders noted that more than 7% of the enrolled students have deregistered, while AFS Wallonia reports a 10% dropout rate. The majority of students who deregistered came from South American students. Mathias Van Hyfte from AFS noted “Not only were there the attacks, but also the media coverage of the refugee crisis. People can get the impression that Europe is being flooded with refugees, which is totally not the case”

It is important to say that the Erasmus exchange programme for college students notes a similar trend, with the Free University of Brussels (VUB) reporting 20% fewer candidates compared to last year.

God is still saying something.

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