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First Slave PM Yang Should Have Known His People By Now




Prime Minister Philemon Yang has gone again to Bamenda to do what he has tried unsuccessfully for the past two times he went there to do.

The last time Yang went to North West, he was humiliated by not being permitted to see the fon of Kumbo, and Fon Agwafor also sent him away that he should go and solve the people’s problems.

After all the abortive attempts for school to resume, people have not accepted the resumption because they have not seen government’s sincerity. They have not shown good faith in handling the crisis.

PM Yang knowing fully well the situation on ground, when asked to go and make his people send their children to school, if he was an astute politician he would have asked his boss “Sir, I believe that if we give this people internet access again, or we release some of those arrested they will see that we mean to do something good not just the cry for school to resume. After we have done this, I will have solid grounds to convince them to send their children back to school .” No, PM Yang just took off.

He knows his people care less about one’s title if the title holder cares less about their well being.

Despite this knowledge he still took off to Bamenda.
By this time Yang should have known his people better. He has made his people to inadvertently disgrace him because they have genuine needs which Yang knows quite well but chooses to be passive when the needs of his people are to be met or at least presented to all those who can take the necessary action to solve it.

The elite should know that if any Southern Cameroonian has chosen shame that is what they will have. The people of southern Cameroon are tired of politicians who only care about their position or office. If you don’t have the genuine concern of the people very soon you become backlisted. No matter what you say people don’t pay attention anymore.


Why is the govt so interested in our children’s education but care less about our economy? Banks cannot function in southern Cameroon, IT businesses are grounded, researchers are handicapped, because of no internet. Who cares? The most important thing is that you should send your children to school.

There is basically no road to lead you to the north west you are going to urge people to send children to school, who cares? The most important thing is that you should send your children back to school.

The parents of some of those children are in prison, their brothers or sisters are in jail, some in exile, some of the students expected in school are in jail, some dead, some parents, brothers, sisters, etc. are in exile in other countries running from repressive measures at home, who cares? The most important thing is that you should send your children to school.

Are you sure it is just school resumption?
Is there nothing attached to that school?
Don’t these people have something to gain by schools resuming or something to lose by it not resuming?

Mr Yang, please I personally respect you a lot. I have heard a lot of things about you that are wonderful but in this area, you have not been as smart as you are capable of. I am afraid that if you repeat this again people may lose more respect for you and even boycott the meetings because you come empty-handed but expecting people to just listen to you and carry out what you say?

It is simple understanding that nothing goes for nothing. What are you offering your people so that they will gladly send their children back to school?

Since you came empty-handed and courtesy demands that you come visiting with a gift, your people did not see any gift so they have decided to ask you for a gift so they can also do what you want them to do.

1. Bring back our brothers, parents, children who have been arrested and carried to Yaounde.
2. Bring back our internet.
3. Demilitarise our towns.
4. Open up a genuine dialogue with the aggrieved southern Cameroonians.

When these steps are taken, we know that you have a genuine plan to solve the problems that exist and we will gladly send our children back to school.

Is this difficult to understand?

May God Help Southern Cameroon.
By Tem Martin

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. George

    March 8, 2017 at 5:27 AM

    Yang is just a puppet in the hand of dictator Paul Biya. He can’t do anything. But personally he could do something. Step down old pa! I wish everybody a good mourning day and a successful ghosttown.

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