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Decree: Biya offers CAMAIRCO To American BOEING Company



Crisis at Camair-co: Pay 5 Billion fcfa debt or Face Bankruptcy

The failed Cameroun flight company Camairco shall in the days ahead be benefitting from the expertise of the American BOEING company . This information was contained in a release from President Biya’s office announced over the CRTV on July 26th, 2016. The approval came following recommendations tabled by the American BOEING company in June 2016 to safeguard the ailing and failing company.

The decision revealed that the BOEING American aeronautics agency, will have the mandate to restructure CAMAIRCO. The recommendations which have been approved includes:


– Camairco will hence fly to 27 destinations including Paris, Bruxelles, Washington and among other destinations –

– Nine new planes will be bought to add to Camairco’s fleet –

– The payment of 35 Billion FCFA Camairco owes

– An infusion of 60 Billion FCFA into Camairco’s operations

BOEING will also manage all CAMAIRCO national flights. However, inspection works have begun and BOEING is set to take the stage in the months ahead.

It should be recalled that within the last months, CAMAIRCO has been under serious crisis. This is not the first time the government is pumping money into the company. In June 22nd, CAMAIRCO was suspended from going to Europe due to safety concerns and extremely poor managerial organisation (

We hope this latest intervention from the Presidency will salvage the ailing company

God is still saying something.

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