The Common Understanding Of Block By Block Philosophy

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The Common Understanding Of Block By Block Philosophy.

By Mark Bareta, BARA

The common understanding of block by block principle means that each community, county, village within Ambazonia must make sure they develop a self defense unit to defend and protect their block (City, Village, community) and in essence, to make sure infiltrators are avoided, one of the main and most important ingredients of belonging to any block to my opinion should be the ability to communicate in the local Vernacular (dialect) of that particular community/village except cosmopolitan areas where that becomes an issue.

One of such another ingredients must be that, the people in that community/village/City should know each other so well, they must have lived amongst themselves and be part of it. Therefore, knowing all the bush roads, short cuts and other areas becomes easy. The diaspora from that particular community can easily support their block once created. In this principle of block by block, every community, village or city with a self defense unit offers help to the neighbouring one if come under any attack from La Republique Forces and they may jointly carry out self defense operations as they march to Buea.

Months back as far as last year, when we all joined in the chorus of block by block philosophy supporting and preaching about it in the most fierce manner, these were our understanding and thoughts at least for me and it was our (my) expectations that hundreds of self defense groups will develop because at least every one loves to see his or her community being defended. Therefore, it is not a surprise for us to see that each day groups develop. It will not stop until we must have developed a regular and control force. We, therefore, at this hour, cannot claim we know all of these groups or have control of all. These are just political lies if we claim so. There are many of these groups who are doing tremendous jobs that we have no idea over. They too watched us, they bought the block by block philosophy and they are acting as bonafide Ambazonians not because of any one individual or groups.

We must continue to encourage each block to develop their units and one of the key ingredients we should advise to check infiltration should be the ability to talk in your local language and/or you were born or grew up in that area especially for cities which are cosmopolitan as a particular dialect could not hold but at least members there should be able to know themselves.

Ambazonians from different areas if they must move to another area for tactical reasons, they must make sure the local defense group in that community is notified if existed. We have seen these principles work in many areas and the chemistry amongst them is great. I will give you an example. Some fighters left the Southern zone to the Northern zone for tactical reasons but unfortunately they failed to inform those working in the area they were going. This is so either because they never knew or just ignored. The group operating in the area they went for tactical reasons arrested them and considered them as spies or infiltrators. Fortunately for them, I was aware of that movement. It took only my calls and confirmation to the local defense group for them to release these guys and everything is now okay. I am giving this example because that is how it should be. If a restoration group don’t recognise you as a member of their block, arresting you for security reasons is permitted even if you are another fighter from another area. So all groups or those in charge must bear this in mind and communicate when fighters move.

That said, we must try as much as possible to let free the self defense groups to operate according to their means of survival and if we must get involved, we only have to fund, encourage and guard them making sure the principle of all for one, one for all remains their yardstick. On no occasion, should we impress on them to act differently as a result of politicking or trying to show strength. It kills morales. In the Ambazonia we want to build, our future military, police force etc must be void of politics and they must pay allegiance only to the flag, that way everyone becomes equal in front of the law. They must not be seen to only protect the big man at the detriment of the country as it currently holds in Neighbouring La Republique Du Cameroun.

Conclusively, let us live with the understanding that we are in a war zone and in situations as these, things do not operate as normal during normal times. Our people on ground zero must at the same time adjust themselves, adjust their schedules, build a strong mental position and be able to live with these realities of our time until such a time we arrive Buea. These are truism.

Most of us here have no idea how these hundreds of groups and self defense forces together with our people living in the bushes feed and the principle of survival of the fittest using all means possible is activated. Somethings we may see as against the usual norms becomes legitimate and not necessarily legal during war times because only the living fight, the dead do not fight.

This platform reiterates its unflinching support to all restoration groups fighting for the freedom of Ambazonia. We are one.

Short Live The Revolution
Long Live Ambazonia

June 24th, 2018.



  1. Engr. DEWA

    June 24, 2018 at 2:33 AM


  2. Ghost

    June 24, 2018 at 3:46 AM

    Mr Mark if we have to win this war then I suggest we change tactics and I’m willing to give my expertise for this, but need you to give me an address or link so that I can forward my proposal to you

  3. Malis

    June 24, 2018 at 5:32 PM

    No psychological games and sugar coating.

    We now know that just as there was an LRC mole in the political front that got flushed out, there is also an LRC mole in the military front trying to cause Ambazonians to start fighting each other, but that will not work.

    We will also flush them out.

    Our true Amba boys should not give their attention too much to the distractions that these moles are creating, just expose them and the population will deal with them.

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