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Cameroon Opposition: They Will Lose and Lose Big



The Search for Presidential Candidates to Stand against Dictator Biya is a SHAM. By all indication, Biya WILL win the next Presidential election in Cameroon with a landslide margin. Cameroon opposition parties are not even toothless bull dogs. They are not even dogs. They are like butterflies. Sorry, butterflies have their strengths. With their beauty, butterflies can even attract admirers.

How is it possible that a dictator like Biya who is 83 years old, frail and ill, with over 300 parties against him, is still standing strong? Biya has been allowed to go about his ugly businesses for decades even though there are over 300 ‘opposition’ parties in Cameroon. These parties have remained indifferent, allowing Biya to rule Cameroon just as Satan rules hell. Cameroonians have been wondering if Cameroon has opposition political parties.

In less than 2 years from now, Cameroonians will be going to the poll to vote for a President. How are politicians reacting? We now see sleeping “ngong” dogs waking up from sleep. Dogs that were unperturbed about the poor treatment inflicted on their puppies by an arrogant landlord. Dogs that intentionally refused to defend their puppies for ages. Now these same guys are up, trying to tell their followers that they love them (Cameroonians) and that they (opposition politicians) are now ready to challenge the abusive landlord. As OBSOLETE as these opposition dudes is (instead of barking), they are waxing their tails, trying to fool us that they are alive. Yes. They are alive. But they have no use. A dead man poses more threat to Biya than these opposition guys.

These guys all knew there will be an election in 2018. By 2015, they should have got their acts together. By now, they should have formed alliances, created strategies and they should have placed Biya in a situation of fright. The kind of fright that could have been experienced by a man who wakes up from his sleep, starts running because “ee see mboma snake” in his bedroom.

By now, we should have experienced a united front with only one objective. To force Biya out by the end of 2016 so that by 2017, there will be a transition/interim government. Like earlier mentioned, these guys pose no threat to Biya. If there is anything their efforts would lead to, it would only lead to the confirmation of Biya as the President of Cameroon in 2018. If I am lying, I would like Fru Ndi, Kah Walla, Joshua Osih, Christopher Fomunyoh, Kamto and Biya to tell me the contrary. I am ready to bet on this with anyone. I can bet that none of these guys will bet on this. The only person that will put a bet on this will be the dictator himself (Paul Biya Bi Mvondo).

Rumoured Alliances

Kah Walla started this alliance thing. We got excited because Cameroonians all know that only a united opposition can put the corrupt dude out of Etoudi. It turned out there was no alliance. These opposition guys act as if they attended the same course. We read recently that Fomunyoh was chosen as the Presidential candidate for a coalition of 30 parties. As usual, some people started dancing. No mention of the 30 parties. No confirmation or denial from the parties concerned. Is this how politics is done? To confirm that there is no difference between opposition parties, Ndam Njoya too has come up with his so-called Presidential Pact, talking about a potential coalition and hoping that others join his PACT. Kah Walla too was hoping that others joined her ‘Alliance’.

Let’s just try to examine this approach. Let’s be realistic. Is this the right approach to employ? Will such moves lead to the ousting of dictator Biya? A few hours ago, we read articles about the SDF. We have been reading that ‘wise’ SDF dudes were asking dictator Fru Ndi to endorse Joshua Osih as the SDF Presidential candidate. If Osih actually has the numbers and if he is being considered as the potential candidate or the most likely person within the SDF to stand against Biya, why are those ‘wise’ men so scared of making him their candidate with or without Ni John’s approval? If Ndi John refuses to endorse Osih, what happens next? Will that prevent the NEC of the SDF from voting Joshua as their candidate? Must Ndi John be the Chairman of the SDF? In my opinion, he must not be the Chairman at all cost. SDF na ee papa ee party? If Fru Ndi is unwilling to endorse Joshua, and if Joshua is the people’s choice, then let the people go ahead and vote Joshua. If Ndi John is not happy and if Pa Fru wants to create confusion as he has been doing for the past 26 years, he should be sacked from the party.

This article is not about judging the competence of the people mentioned. It’s about the poor strategy these politicians, their parties, and their supporters are employing.

From all indication, the strategy used by the opposition parties to search for their Presidential candidates to stand against Biya is EXTREMELY poor and unproductive. It’s damaging to Cameroonians and only beneficial to Mitterand’s best student.

By Callistus Fonjong for BaretaNews

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