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Buhari Must Desist From Adding Salts To Ambazonians Injuries-Barrister Osagie









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General Buhari is a specialist at kidnapping and abduction. In the months following the military takeover which brought him and Tunde Idiagbon to power an attempt was made to kidnap Umaru Dikko in the UK and to smuggle him out of London through Heathrow airport in diplomatic luggage.

The plan was simple but deadly. An Israeli anaesthetist was hired to anaesthetize their target and stay with him in the big box which was the Nigerian diplomatic luggage. Unfortunately, police dogs at the airport were able to sniff it and Umaru Dikko was rescued.

It is therefore not surprising that Buhari’s military instincts in the era of brutal dictatorship are still very alive. Nigeria must not allow this man to ruin the reputation of this country.

It is no secret to all Nigerians that the Anglophone people of the Cameroons are maltreated by their francophone counterparts. I studied with many Cameroonian in Uniben and UI and the stories I knew about that country were the same from two sets of people in different locations. Cameroon is a perpetual police state where rights are abused, elections are rigged and extra judicial killings abound. We Nigerians have embraced a thriving democratic culture and must not condone our government’s attempt to promote tyranny on the continent.

On Friday 5 January, elements of our secret service, working in tandem with the police state of Cameroon kidnapped twelve dissidents from a hotel in Abuja. The plane and everything needed to hand the dissidents over to Cameroon had been finalized, but a Brigadier General cautioned that some time be given, because he feared that they will be executed summarily. The cost of the operation was 500,000 USD, cash, paid when the Cameroon minister of interior last came to Abuja.

My Fellow Citizens, it is no news that our country has suffered Hunan rights abuse before and saw people like Ken Sari Wiwa hanged, Shehu Musa Yaradua injected with a poisoned needle, with Obasanjo only surviving narrowly from the poisoned needle of Colonel Yakassai, etc. The God fearing people of Nigeria should think of the pain they once suffered under Abacha and not allow such pain to be visited on the Anglophones in Cameroon.

I am making this very loud call to the President of the FRN to desist from adding salt to the injuries of the English speaking people of Cameroon. In the days ahead, I will personally mastermind an international campaign against the Federal Govt if steps are not taken to release the twelve dissidents. Buhari should not give Nigeria a bad name. We are freedom loving and peace loving.

Osagie Dare, Esq.
Ikoyi, Lagos

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