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At Buea-Common Wealth SG’s Fact-Finding Mission, Chiefs Divided Over Form Of State








Chiefs of the Southern and Northern Zones of Southern Cameroons staged bitter disagreement over the form of state they would want implemented so the rights of Anglophones be respected in Cameroun. In the presence of the Common Wealth Secretary General, Patricia Scotland, the Chiefs exchanged bitter utterances before tabling their different suggestions as to how Cameroun should be partitioned for Anglophones to live in harmony with Francophones.

There’s no gain-saying that the chiefs of the Northern and Southern Zones have all be coerced by the brutal colonial regime of Paul Biya to desist from any secession mentality, and make suggestions that will make Cameroun one, united and indivisible republique. So, their stances are either on return to the 1961 Federation, or ten autonomous regions.

It was on that basis that Chiefs from the Northern Zones caught fire with their counterparts of the Southern Zones. From what transpired at the Buea Council hall, Friday December 22 2017, the Chiefs of the Northern Zone opted for a return to the 1961 two Federated states called the Federal republic of Cameroon.

“We shall have a lasting peace between Anglophones and Francophones if we return to the 1961 Foumban constitution that gave a levelling grounds for the English state (Southern Cameroons) and the French State (Eastern Cameroun) to coexist together. In such system, everything spoils from the resources of the two Cameroons were shared equally. Unfortunately, ever since, the form of state was changed, the English speaking part of Cameroon has had no peace. We risk having these ripple itself to total civil war, if not today, in later part of the years, if we continue to pretend our way to life here in Cameroon,” lamented a chief from the Northern Zone.

In a very swift fashion, the Chiefs of the Southern Zones, counteracted their counterparts of the Northern Zones. They said the Southern Zone want ten autonomous decentralised regions as indicated in the 1996 constitution. According to them, the ten regions will be characterised by voting into office, all grassroots and regional representatives.

“We need to evolve. Like the USA that had 30 states and evolved to 50, and Nigeria that had 15 states evolved to 36, we of the Southwest Chiefs Conference, think that the Cameroon needs to evolve from the two federated states to 10 autonomous regions. We are talking of the complete implementation of the 1996 constitution where we shall have grass root and regional representatives elected into office, as well as the house of chiefs, as it obtained in the past,” insinuated Chief Nyassako, Secretary General of Southwest Chiefs Conference.

The Chiefs continued their serious arguments until a motion of order was raised by the moderator of the event. Fidgeting and murmuring could still be heard from the two differential camps as they reflected on their demands.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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