Buea Catholic University Institute Withdraws From University Games

Developing Story:

BaretaNews can now confirm that the Catholic University Institute of the Diocese of Buea has withdrawn from the University games in Bamenda. BaretaNews sources say the withdrawal is blamed on Southern Cameroons athletes who at last minute refused to take off for Bamenda and pledged their allegiance to the struggle.

BaretaNews is calling on all Southern Cameroonians to boycott this event. It’s a sacrilege to participate in this event when our people have been killed, others maimed and hundreds in jail then we go about with a university games. Southern Cameroonians from Buea and Bamenda Universities must pay allegiance to Southern Cameroons first before that so called games. If you read me and you are an athlete, please boycott the games. If you know of any athlete from Southern Cameroons send this text to him or her.

Bamenda is still crying with the blood of those killed. Akum Julius from Bamenda University killed on December 8th 2016 is still crying for purification. Free your conscience and avoid the games. Our ancestors will fight for us.

Mark Bareta



  1. Atem Bakia

    April 22, 2017 at 4:19 AM

    Well said, Mark.

    LRC is a foreign country and we can only play against them at the Olympics, African Nations and World Cup, respectively. Not Quarter Games. This is because we are not the same people and not in the same country.

  2. Mr e

    April 22, 2017 at 8:16 AM

    By now we should have all known that the devil is right here with us and we must do every thing possible to get him out. We are six months gone into the struggle and it’s time enough for all southern Cameroonians to hv known what they really want because it worries me to still hear people trying to convince others to boycott issues that are normally not part of us anymore. All activities coming from LRC stopped being part of us since the 11th of February 2017 when we boycotted that sacrilege.
    All I hv in mind now is Sunday 1th of October 2017.
    This is my prayer

  3. Nkwoh Mmassem

    April 22, 2017 at 1:09 PM

    Southern Cameroonians must as a matter of patriotism boycott all games and other ceremonies organised by our oppressors from LRC.

  4. Gil

    April 25, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    i am a student of the Catholic university institute of Buea and i what i have to let everyone here understand is that the reasons put forth by bareta press as to why CUIB did not participate in the games are lies and totally fake . it has absolutely nothing to do with the athletes supporting the so called political battle..we are an apolitical university and to not participate or take sides in political issue..bareta spends his time twisting information and insighting violence but has never purposed a reasonable solution to solve these problems.what more can u expext from a man who hides abroad with his family and watches other people been hurt because of this horrible is sad to see that some of you mature men and women ,mothers and fathers read this things and say all what you say.we the young generation begin to wonder if the adage that says experience comes with age is actually true.
    bareta spreads lies he takes information and writes them in a way that will insight hate towards the francophones but i am telling you bareta that it is not working..Gost towns have never been a support to your fight its as a result of fear.
    lastly please stop eding your lies with God is still saying only draws you closer to Hell

  5. Messner Christoph

    June 9, 2017 at 3:48 PM


    As long as we are calling ourselves or our group “Cameroonian” the world cannot distinguish you from Biya’s Cameroon. Southern? Southern of what? Southern part of your occupant, annexor, exploiter? The world does not know about British/French colonial history from decades ago and it does not want to know. A tiny little “s” at the end of “Cameroon” does not make any difference to the world. Only if we are calling ourselves and your group “Ambazonian” then the world understands us as a different people which has a right to independence. If we don’t understand why America didn’t declare independence as “Southern Englishs”, then the world is regarding us too stupid for independence. It regards us as arse-crawler into your French hegemonist and it leaves all our problems as internal problems of Biya to solve for us. Fon Dinka and all the other Ambazonia groups were on the right track towards independence from the start. Then SCNC came along and destroyed it all again. What did SCNC reach after 20 years? That Ambazonia is still fully occupied and it’s getting worse and worse. Do we really understand what independence means? It means to be an independent people with an independent name and an independent state which acts independently. That means we are NOT dependent on any outside power or organization like the UN to tell us anything! Only when the outside world sees, that there is an independent people from the Camerounese, with an independent name, then the world will recognize us independence. Forget about UN archives! Forget about colonial or neocolonial history. We Ambazonians are a different people. We are NOT Cameroonians. That’s why on D-Day 1st of October 2017 each and every Ambazonian will march on every government building of the occupant and hoist the Ambazonian flag there. And the hidden Ambazonian guerilla snipers will safeguard the march and all soldeirs of the occupant will know that if they fire one single shot they will be all killed by saboteurs among their own rows. Then the world understands that we are a different, independent people and state from the French corruption&exploitation-Camerounese! Then Biya will be counted as the terrorist worldwide, if he continues as usual. It is ridiculous with how few troops the French want to control and rob half of Africa. But the French have no chance when we come out in the millions and claim our rights and freedoms which are guaranteed to every human being by the UN. And remember´, any “SC Prime Minister” without any army is still more powerless than a UNITED FRONT with guerilla. So stop hoping that a bribable and targetable Pa Prime Minister of SC will do the job for us. Stop belittling SCACUF or Ambazonia. Instead prepare the unstoppable Million Men&Women March and let the French know that their game is over.

    Long live Ambazonia! .

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