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Barrister TAMBE DANIEL Makes Case For Federation



The demand for a Federal State is not novel in Cameroon. We are saying that the unitary form of government has failed to address our issues adequately. Federalism is a form of government. We started as a federation. The duration and experience under the federation were too short. It was a hasty decision to shelving the federal system. Looking at the briefness of the life of the federation and the long life of the unitary government, we the sovereign people are opining for a return to a federal system of government. The Federal Constitution of 1961 unambiguously stated that “nothing shall be done to change the Federal character of the State”.

This was very protective of the identity of Southern Cameroons. Besides in the Federal parliament, Federal laws could only sail through if 2/3 of members from each Federated States voted in favour of the bill. Our rights have been constitutionally eroded and any gullible approach to using the constitution as a panacea to our plight will be a colossal failure. Sovereignty lies with us the people of Southern Cameroons. Not with appointed cronies, not with someone whose elected position doesn’t reflect the Will of the people. Not with someone who manipulates the Will of the people.

We are at the threshold of making a far-reaching impact on state institutions if we remain focused. We are all conscious of the mannerisms with which the present regime deals with our worries abet legitimate. They are underestimating the power of the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons. Leaders are not sovereigns. There are trustees of sovereign power. The people are the vehicle and they are drivers only. I weep for my country. I am leaving the house now with black clothing as a mark of total discontentment with the present institutions and the callous matter in which attention is denied a people. Shame to our chiefs, ministers and docile political cowards and blinds followers for 30 pieces of silver. If they do this for personal enrichment, please do me a favour to go down memory lane to find out those forgotten politicians what riches they left behind.
It is, therefore, a two-state federation now or we forever remain in bondage.

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