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Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness


Last week, Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine gave a press conference with over 30 Cameroons journalist where he cleared the air about the so-called division within his party, PAP. He asserted his chairmanship of the party as solid. He went further to answer questions concerning SCNC and Southern Cameroons. He maintains that Southern Cameroons and La Republique Du Cameroun have no legal document which binds both countries, he slams Cameroun judicial system and declared that for Southern Cameroons movement to succeed, the various factions must unite, go to the villages and educate the people. However, his responses did not go well with erstwhile CRTV journalist, Boh Herbert who gave a critical response ( read here

The response from Boh Herbert got a ballistic response from Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine on his official Facebook Account. Ayah Paul wrote:


I have been caught in the web of diligence to find a copy of the bill on the penal code for appreciation. It was so easy when I was in parliament. It is an uphill race now…

That did lead to my missing out on some developments online. Therefore, did Boh Herbert tirade elude my attention. I agree a hundred percent plus with what my administrators published about this mountainous oblong blockhead passing for a saint today.

One wonders whether it is the same nonentity who served with CRTV and was sacked because he stole money. One wonders whether it is the same fraud who was dismissed from CRTV for fraud, having forged academic qualifications. It really is intriguing that a dirty bastard who volunteered into “modern” slavery sacrificing patriotism on the altar cowardice has the guts to expect martyrdom from a real servant of the Cameroonian people who has risked and is still risking everything to his detriment and to the detriment of his entire family.

But what do you expect? Popularity and leadership are not sold in the market. Poor Boh Herbert has not and knows not the access. Condemned to envy in wretchedness, his unattainable goal is a sordid endeavor to pull Ayah from the lofty plane to his unavoidable bottomless pit. Insanity ever emboldens the likes of Boh Herbert.

The reader wants softer terms from me, isn’t it? We want to repeat that you do not sing poetry to a madman hurling missiles at you! “If a madman murders another, I would hold a rope before hos eyes; and perhaps that would help”, said an English judge.



BaretaNews Position:

Haven read many reactions from Cameroonians, most people are wondering if such invectives came from the learned Judge. Some are still coming to terms with such a reaction to a criticism from a concerned Cameroonian to a political leader who intends to lead the Country. BaretaNews should make it clear that no one should doubt if the statement is not coming from Ayah. Whether it was Ayah or his administrators who wrote such a response, the learned judge bears responsibility for his Facebook posts. The said Facebook account is an official account for the learned judge and if his administrators are sending statements which are not reflective of his person, he has the power to sanction such an administrator and therefore he bears the responsibility. That said, BaretaNews vehemently condemns such a response from the learned judge. We think that his response is not reflective of the type of Cameroon we want to see where democracy thrives and different opinions are taken with a pinch of salt. However, it is the wish of this platform that the learned Judge will hence address issues like this with more serenity. That said, Rayyan, a political pundit beautifully wrote ” He has merely lambasted the man up to what the latter was worth. He meant, to be honest and not excel in hypocrisy as most humans do. He didn’t hide behind political correctness to give a good cover to Boh, yet intrinsically think otherwise of him. Truth is, when anyone is pushed to the wall; the animal in him shoes up. Did the Lord himself not turn bitter and violent to the extent of destroying property when traders were found to transform the house of his father into a market place? ”

God is still saying something.

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