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Assessing the Blank School Year- The Facts



Negotiations with the two Cameroons

UNESCO and Cameroun Government Struggle with Blanc School Year –


In the 3rd week of January 2017, Paul Ombiono, UNESCO Ambassador in Cameroun, noted that if by the end of January there were no school resumption, Cameroun must have had less than 60% of the required 900 hours which makes up a valid school year. That means as of January 28th 2017, there was a shortage of 270 hours of school time.

Here is what government doesn’t want you to know. By that assessment, as of January 28th the school year was already blank.

The idea that the school year is blank is the government’s nightmare. The government fears this will cause protests in the French regions of the country. The government has therefore used several measures to control the French sentiments.
– They sent Anglophones elites to bribe and convince parents to send their kids to school.
– they intensified the intimidation and harassment of the Anglophones to frighten them.
– they arrested more young people, teachers, journalists and principals.
– they threatened men of God and threatened to sanction and shut down some private school licences.
– they arrested Anglophones coming from abroad to visit their families
– they did all these because they are afraid of the anger of the francophones.
– they killed young people and burry them in mass graves
– they shut down internet from more than 8 million Cameroonians
– and we still think this is a “Bamenda problem”?
Come on my dear people. Rise to reason.

But today on March 3rd 2017 the Minister of Secondary education just exposed the government’s inability to solve the problem.

In her communique, she stated that the government has taken measures to ensure the continuity of the school year and ensure that exams take place – in order to avoid the school year.
She noted that Catch up classes will take place from March 6 to May 17, 2017 for 17 hours a week. That gives us a total of 194.5 hours.

But as of January 28th we already suffered a shortage of 270 hours. So considering that there was still no school in Anglophone Cameroon since November 2016, even these make up classes do not still meet the requirements of the UNESCO standards.

If we add the total number of lost hours we realize that from January 28th to March 6th was an additional shortage of 5 weeks (150hours).

Therefore the government should stop making a fool of us francophones. With this calculation, the Minister of Secondary Education has revealed a major weakness of the government instead.

Therefore from November 2016 to March 6th 2017, there was a total shortage of about 420 hours.

The intensity of the strikes and lack of school have made it impossible to organize enough catch up classes. Therefore even her catch up plan of 195.5 hours is not good enough, when we think of the 420 hours that we are actually behind in the Anglophone regions. With her catch up plan, we still need 224.5 hours.

Therefore the school year is blank. Francophones let’s wake up. Don’t waste your money and time to register these students. Let our government give us real answers. We are tired of the mess.

I work in UNESCO, Paris and I know what is going on. Wake up people. It’s over. It’s over.

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