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Analysing Equatorial Guinea President Calls For Dialogue







Equatorial Guinea President Challenges Biya to Dialogue with Ambazonians.

As the Southern Cameroons independence revolution enters an escalation stage, the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has reportedly urged the colonial President of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) Paul Biya, to initiate dialogue with Ambazonians to resolve the political imbroglio rocking the Cameroons. Mbasogo, made the call on Tuesday in Abuja, during a Press briefing with men and women of the press, after a tête a tête with President Muhammadu Buhari, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

President Mbasogo, who was visiting Abuja on the invitation of his Presidential peer Muhammadu Buhari noted that, there is no country without its own peculiar crisis, and dialogue is the best solution to the political crisis in the Southern Cameroons, that has resulted to the influx of refugees into Nigeria. He challenged Mr.Biya to stop the wanton killing of Ambazonians and withdraw his colonial forces in the territory of Ambaland.

According to him, it is the responsibilities of the parties concerned to put heads together and embrace dialogue as the platform for a lasting solution to the crisis. “Cameroon is a big nation whose crisis requires the concern of all forces. There is no nation without its own crisis,” he noted.

The call for dialogue from the Equato-Guinean President, came shortly after an interview by the colonial propaganda Minister of LRC, Isa Tchiroma, on France 24, in which he declared that, NO DIALOGUE will take place between the dying regime and Ambazonians. According to him, the government of LRC can never dialogue with terrorists.

Obiang Nguema’s call on Biya to dialogue with Ambazonians, withdraw his colonial forces and stop the wanton killings and mayhem in Southern Cameroons, is a new twist in the revolution and a diplomatic victory for Ambazonia. Remember that President Mbasogo, is one of the Central African Presidents who supported the old man Biya, with colonial troops, for the genocide of October 1st 2017 in Ambazonia.

Has Mbasogo, suddenly abandon the fight against the extension of Boko Haram into West Cameroon as he was allegedly deceived by the Biya regime to contribute troops? President Obiang Nguema, should be regretting why he supported Mr. Biya with his troops to kill armless Ambazonians on the 1st October, 2017

BaretaNews sources, have confirmed that, the CEMAC forces were deceived by LRC to come for that October 1st genocide mission. We are told that when they saw a different scenario on the field, contrary to what they were told, they regretted their involvement. Mr. Biya had misled them that, Boko Haram had extended to the southern Cameroons, and there was need for a joint CEMAC force to flush them out.

While in the field, the soldiers are reported to have noticed that, it was a native movement, that had no connections to Boko Haram, and some soldiers testified that, Mr. Biya’s agents had told them a different story.

It is important to state that the President of Equatorial Guide, is the first African Head of State and first in the CEMAC region to openly challenge his colleague, Paul Biya, to dialogue with Ambazonians. This is coming at a time when President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria, (closest neighbour and big brother of Africa) has remained suspiciously silent, even after his security forces, illegally abducted the interim President of Ambazonia, Sissiku Ayuk-Tabe and his collaborators. He has continuously remained silent about it for more that two weeks now. This, is coupled with the increasing inflow of Ambazonian refugees into Nigeria.

By speaking on the Southern Cameroons crisis after a close door meeting with President Buhari, it could be deduced that the crisis was part of the agenda in President Mbasogo’s talks with Paul Biya. The question therefore is; Is it possible that President Mbasogo could have also met with the detained leaders behind close doors while in Abuja?

Having recently survived an alleged coup attempt in which agents from Yaoundé were allegedly part of the coup plotters, one could basically conclude that President Obiang Ngeuma Mbasogo, may have just begun the real game of political diplomacy, involving his country, LRC, Ambazonia and Nigeria. He might have visited the interim President for talks and assessed the alarming situation on the refugees crises in Nigeria.

Equatorial Guinea could be a trusted ally for Ambazonians to work with. The nation’s close proximity to Southern Cameroons, places her as a strategic partner to Ambazonia. In addition, Equatorial Guinea has more to gain from an independent Ambazonia, than from LRC, especially in terms of food supply from Ambaland and the Anglosaxon Educational culture, which has attracted many of her citizens to higher education institutions in Ambazonia.

Working with Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, as close allies to achieve freedom for Southern Cameroons, could be a considered position by the interim government of Ambazonia.

Nigeria, despite her current worrying silent attitude towards the abducted leaders, coupled with the corrupt nature of some of her high ranking officials, is still an ally to work with now, and strengthen the relationship after total independence restoration and the arrival of the revolutionary train in Buea.

From every indication, the revolutionary momentum continues to build in favour of Ambazonia. Very soon, there shall be increasing show of support and open calls for frank dialogue between the two nations of LRC and Ambazonia, from more African Presidents.

Colonialist President Paul Biya, and his communication minister Isa Tchiroma, can go ahead granting international news interviews, denouncing any form of dialogue with Ambazonians. They shall come to the dialogue table and talk, not more on the terms of living together, but on separation terms. Until them, let the self-defense groups intensify their campaigns to continuously inflict a heavy cost on the occupier.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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