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Ambazonians Acting As LRC Espionage, BE WARNED








There’s a growing trend now that La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) is using Ambazonians to act as spies so they can have classified information to be used against the struggle. It is even more disturbing that those on conflict zones are the ones fueling LRC with such information. Many at times, espionage have stealthily combed the camps of restoration forces, and report them to Camerounese forces, who intend carryout shadow attacks.

However, such melancholic attitudes have only gone a long way to puncture the struggle. When these colonial forces of LRC come to carry out their demonic attacks and burning down of villages, they spare none.

The most recent espionage case is that of a certain Emmanuel Forza, residing in Azih, Lebang Fondom, of Fontem Sub Division. According to information from the Red Dragons of Ambazonia, the said Emmanuel Forza, has been revealing some classified information to his elder brother, Edward Egbe Forza, serving as slave Divisional Officer of LRC, and serving in Fungom, Menchum County, Northern Zone. The said DO now conveys the information to colonial governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai.

“We have ample evidences that DO Forza Edward, is conniving with his junior brother, Forza Emmanuel, at ground zero at Azih-Fontem. Emmanuel is feed Edward with names of any individuals who supports the Ambazonia struggle, including names of Red Dragon Militants and he is sending them to the Colonial governor in Buea and Yaoundé,” indicated, Eric, an Ambazonian in Azih

The Ambazonian Restoration Forces have sent a strong signal to all the LRC recipients, residing in Ambaland, to relocate or they will be dealt accordingly.

“The Ambazonia Struggle is bigger than any individual or community. It is about a People, a Nation whose Identity is an endangered species. Our identify must be preserved or forever we remain slaves to LRC. The Red Dragon therefore sends this Red Alert to DO Forza Edward, Forza Emmanuel and Mrs Fontem Ursula to quickly relocate to LRC or they will be dealt with, according to the natural laws of the land,” An official of the Red Dragons said.

That same warning should ring a bell to all those working with LRC to betray the struggle. Nemesis they say, shall always catch up with any evil genius. However, once you are identified and proven guilty, the wrath of a frustrated Ambazonian, shall descend squarely on you.


By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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