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Abducted Leaders Whereabouts: The Scenarios










Good Day Southern Cameroonians

It is exactly two weeks since the President Of the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia was Abducted in Abuja with some of his Cabinet members. For two weeks going, no one has heard or even seen them. I mean no one. For two weeks going, not even their lawyers hired have seen or talk with them. For two weeks going, not even their families have heard of them. For two weeks going, the Federal Republic Of Nigeria has given a sealed lips. The outing of the foreign Minister was not clear. It threw more doubts to the already vexing scenario. For two weeks and 48 hours deadline has passed, the lawyers have not sued the Nigerian Government. For two weeks and 48 hours deadline has passed, the African Bar who wrote has not sued the government of Nigeria as promised. For two weeks going, none of us including members of IG even know what is happening with our leaders. For two weeks and going now into the third week there is a dead silence. What is happening that if people are arrested, they cannot be offered even legal help, how possible no one has seen or heard of them?

I, Mark Bareta and on behalf of my media outlet BaretaNews will like to make bold the following pronouncements. This is made not to scare anyone but as a mattter of fact that the people of Southern Cameroons deserved the truth and most especially, it is time we begin considering the worst case scenarios and coming to terms with some realities. I am saying that, we need to start preparing ourselves towards the worst case scenario so that we can better be ready and equip to respond and respond powerfully. These are the scenarios.

1. The much talk of a forceful dialogue is ruled out. I am ruling this option totally out because dialogue cannot take place in this manner.

2. Some of our leaders if not all could already be in Yaounde. Yes, they could be in Yaounde already and Nigeria may be fighting to get them back as plans backfired. This could be the reasons why Nigeria has not been able to come out clearly and even the lawyers hired have not been able to see them. I am giving this scenario a 50 percent chance because two of my intel who spoke with me spoke toward this direction and even revealed that they are being kept in a Minister bunker in Yaounde ( can’t tell if it’s true or not) but when one cannot see or even heard from them, we are bound to believe

3. Our leaders may still be in Nigeria. At this point I am very skeptical because being in Nigeria for two weeks could have enabled the lawyers to see them. What investigations Nigeria is carrying out that cannot grant access to our leaders while it continues? Our leaders are not criminals or some high profile criminals against the Nigerian Government to the point where they will keep them off. At this point, it is difficult for me to agree that our leaders are still in Nigeria

4. The most worst is that our leaders may have been waisted and buried or dump somewhere. This is possible and both governments are finding away to come out of it etc. Yes, our minds must take us to this worst case scenario.

People of Ambazonia, these are the scenarios, my scenarios considering what has happened when they were abducted two weeks ago. It is very important that we start preparing our minds towards the above scenarios and be ready to respond adequately and hard, I mean very hard. Today, across the world in Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Holland, Vienna, Canada, Sweden, USA, Southern Cameroonians are taking the Nigerian Embassies and Consulates by storm protesting the abduction of our leaders. This protest as peaceful as it is, may not be enough.

The hard response must be home. This is why I am rooting for the defense groups both in Northern and Southern zones to rain fire and storm like never before until we get a clear message of our leaders. This is why we must fund self defense groups.

Prepare for the worst case scenario on our leaders, I am preparing my own even though as I know the next move might be me. So help me God.

Mark Bareta
19/1/2018, 12:41PM Amba Time.

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