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Of 1961 Plebiscite Referendum and the act of the Union.








Of 1961 Plebiscite Referendum and the act of the Union.

The 1961 11th February Plebiscite was a sampling of the people’s intention. It gives the direction in which the people themselves wanted to go. The 11th February Plebiscite in itself is not an act of the Union nor does it represent a treaty of Union. It only gives the opportunity for the power that be to move on with their blessings. In fact, it legitimises the then government of British Southern Cameroons to enter into an act of Union with La Republique, a treaty of Union which till date does not exist. La Republique merely colonised and annexed Southern Cameroons, a promised which late President Amadou Ahidjo promised in the United Nation General Assembly he will not do, yet he did and it was followed through by Paul Biya.

The same is true currently with the people of the United Kingdom. Before UK joint the European Union, there was an act of Union treaty which stipulates the marriage between UK and the EU. As UK left in what has been known as the Brexit, they organised a referendum in which the people of UK says YES UK should leave the EU. This act by the people of UK only gives the UK leadership the mandate and powers to leave the EU. The Brexit vote in itself does not represents an act or treaty of leaving . By the way till date, UK still remains part of EU and all EU laws as agreed during them joining the EU are still currently being applied in the UK

That said, until UK follows the laid down text of leaving the EU and triggering its own laws, the Brexit votes becomes useless and remains just as a matter of the people’s intention to leave. Should UK fails to follow through these procedures, all EU laws will still apply and UK will be considered as being still part of the EU. That is why the UK leadership is doing everything possible so that the Brexit becomes law with an official divorce statement or call it certificate from the EU. It is only until then should we say the UK is away from the EU.

This example goes to clarify the fact that, the Southern Cameroons 11th February referendum on joining La Republique or Federal Republic of Nigeria remains until date only an act of expression, a wish to join La Republique. The vote in itself does not legitimises the union between both Cameroons. Foumban conference was supposed to have done that with the presence of UN, UK and France but they failed. The later parties whom all absconded from the conference allowing the Southern Cameroons delegation and La Republique Delegation to enter into a free for all drinking spree with sex workers.

A Foumban Conference which was postponed and till date has not rescheduled to complete the arrangement and treaty of Union between both Cameroons. It is understandable that the stronger nation in an osmosis merely swallowed the weaker one but now we think the reverse must happen.

This short presentation goes to remind our people that we have no treaty of Union with La Republique even after the UN voted that we should have independence by joining. The act of joining according to the UN Charter were not followed through. We remain thus a British Trust Territory by law and therefore, it is time we correct the mistakes of the past.

This is Mark Bareta.

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