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2019 African Cup of Nations





It is now official that the 2019 African Cup of Nations will be hosted by La Republique Du Cameroun. Football has been one of the rallying factor which brings people together. It has been a symbol for peace wherein footballers, nations use to showcase the need for peace. Unfortunately, it will not be same for Cameroun as the coloniser planned to host African Countries in one of the finest human sports. Safe to say that Cameroun does not have the facilities to bring African beauty into the core, it is currently shaming Africa as she engages in a war against its own supposed ‘people’. How will Ambazonians react in due time? Where would Ambazonians be at this point in time? Considering that Fako will be one of counties hosting this game, Ambazonians forces and citizens must sufficiently sabotage Cameroun economy, instigate defense operatives along the coast to frustrate CAF and make Cameroun bleeds.

Worthy of note is that Anglophones cum Ambazonians have been the greatest supporter of Cameroun football. They have worn its colours, show pride in its flag but all that has been shattered. How will a beautiful cup like the Nations cup hold in the Cameroons when an annexed part is under the barbarism of Cameroun with thousands suffering from internal and external displacements, numerous death etc. Maybe CAF and Cameroun think that as the day goes by, things will change in Ambazonia. It is the view of BaretaNews that as days go by, Southern Cameroons Restoration forces begin getting more stronger and their march towards Buea becomes more real than initially thought.

We must recall that some of the sites chosen for this event are in the Fako county such as the Victoria stadium which is expected to accommodates at least 20,000 supporters and the Buea municipal stadium to serve as a training ground. The cry of Ambazonians have been the march towards Fako. Is the regime thinking that other counties in Ambazonia will continue to suffer while Fako breaths so that they can adequately host some football games in Victoria with Buea as a training ground? This platform is confident that this will be far fetched because by then La Republique shall not have control over those areas as they currently do not have in most areas. The battle will be imported there.

Ambazonians must hence make sure this even does not distract them from their end game which is a restored country. They must make sure it doesn’t take place on their soil. It is true Victoria has been adamant to the struggle. Boycotting the Nations Cup, in fact, making sure no football games take place in Victoria as scheduled will not only inflict damage and distrupt the Nations Cup, it will directly offer Ambazonians the platform for their story to be sold out again in large proportions. It shall put La Republique at a difficult corner.

Like President Ayuk Julius said, 2018 is the year of home coming and recognition. 2019 Nations Cup shall not meet us as part of Cameroun.

Nzonnkwelle Arnold Ekomewang

BarataNews La Republique Correspondent

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