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Interim Government Raises USA Alarm

Interim Government Raises USA Alarm

The Department Of Homeland Security Of the Interim Government is warning Ambazonians in the United States that Cameroun Security agent, colonel Emile Bankoui with four others security men are in the Philadelphia, USA. The public notice warned Ambazonians to be aware of their surroundings. This communique has been shared to me by Secretary John Egyawan, IG Defense Secretary. Professor Martin Ayim, Acting President Chief Of staff earlier raised similar concerns and said he has done well by blowing the whistle. However, two other cabinet members whom Baretanews reached just gave us a laughing emojis

It should be recalled however that Ambazonians who have shown support for the intelligence alert are quick so say it is NERA part two about to happen in the United States Of America. Some say it is a whole scheme to arrest members who show up at the APNC. Many who are sharing this communique on social media are warning compatriots to stay away from APNC as these security men are purposefully coming for that, they say. These category of Ambazonians posit that the APNC is a means to carry out clean and mass arrest of some targeted Southern Cameroonians. To them, it’s a trap.

However, in a sharp reaction in various fora, many other Ambazonians have been raising doubts about the security alerts. Some say the IG is using all scare tactics to ensure the failure of the APNC considering that it is to hold in the same state. Some are laughing questioning the notion of arrest in the United States as the biggest joke of the century. Many posit that the USA is not some form of a third world country where a security personnel will just pop in and arrest persons to Africa. Some Ambazonians are even questioning that should these guys be really present in the USA, they did not need a conference to act, they should have been acting by now. To some, the IG is just doing all to frustrate the APNC and depopulate its attendance.

BaretaNews has followed various reactions on social media platforms, it is fair to say that the APNC has received fierce reactions from both sides of the divide. It has also led to several other revelations known to none. Both sides are thus using every means possible in their books to frustrate actions they think threatened their political allegiance.

For all it ends, Ambazonia Must Come First

Mark Bareta



  1. Jon

    February 22, 2019 at 2:36 AM

    Absolutely absurd! Mark Bareta, your type of “investigative journalism” is total crass and bonkers. I was wondering if this unsourced information is news-worthy? Only a coward, a retard and a psychologically flawed individual like you will think this is news-worthy. Do you really believe that 5 security agents from Cameroon will enter America and abduct ambazonian terrorists and simply take them to Cameroon? After America is Belgium, and sooner rather than later, you will be hurled before the Yaounde Military Court.

  2. malis

    February 22, 2019 at 4:56 AM

    Mark, you can forget about your so-called AK campaign. Anyone giving their money to anything that Mark is involved in is doing that at their own risk.

    You are one hell of a sneaky agent, you almost got us this time.

    I will be giving my money directly to my county. I don’t trust you at all.

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