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Ekema Patrick On Bended Knees Amidst Buea’s Growing Economic Plunge








The Irksome Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Essunge, has literally knelt down in front of economic operators in the Buea Municipality, to shun all calls of economic sabotaged by the Ambazonian restoration forces.

He made the call, Thursday July 5 2018, during an emergency meeting grouping municipal and economic operators of Buea. The very low-attended meeting also witnessed the presence of huge contingent of the terrorist Cameroun military.

His call comes amidst the dwindling economic situation of Buea precipitated by 100% respect for ghost towns, intermittent halt of municipal activities due to gun battle between the restoration forces and the terrorist forces of LRC.

Such events, according to Ekema Patrick, has greatly paralysed economic activities, hence, reducing the municipal revenue collection.

“There is no gainsaying that the council has been greatly affected by the recent activities in the Buea Municipality. We thought we had kicked the ghost town syndrome away from our municipality. I am very surprised to see tit come again. I am calling on all of you to remain calm and go about your normal activities while the necessary security dispositions have been put in place,” Ekema Patrick asserted.

Bragging with the security presence in the meeting, Ekema Patrick told the economic operators that security operatives are present in almost all corners of Buea, and so they should have nothing to fear, thereby, going about their normal activities.

“See how this council is guarded, even those separatists come in their number, they can never penetrate this council. It is in like manner that the entire Buea is protected. SO, what are you worrying about? Let’s come out amass on next Monday and shame those perpetrating violence in our municipality,” Ekema Patrick arrogantly said.

On their part, the business persons stressed on security, indicating that on several occasions that their premises have been vandalised, the council nor the government, did nothing substantial. Instead, they were lead to leak their bleeding wounds.

“Mr Mayor, I appreciate your concern for normalcy to be restored in Buea. However, I am very concerned with the security disposition. Your council seems to be more protected than anywhere in Buea. I want recall your memory of the burning of my shop last year in Mile 17. Though you and other authorities came there and said necessary measures will be taken to compensate me, I have been left alone all along. Security is still a problem and we all know about that. So, I for one, will continue to monitor the situation, and will only open my shop when I see that all is well,” lamented Moliki Divine, a business man in Buea.

Other economic operators raised concerns on the sporadic shooting that come unprepared. Many say, in such situations, the LRC terrorist soldiers tend to victimise even them, the business persons.

“Last Friday when there was shooting in Mile, military men came in and were beating innocent people and requesting that they kneel down. Why on earth people who you claim are here to protect us, delight pleasure in brutalising the same people. I still feel, there is a missing gab between the population and the security. And until such gab is bridged, then we shall continue to live in an atmosphere of terror and uncertainty,” Pa Lambert Moki intimated.

Ekema Patrick, looking so helpless in the face of many intimidating questions, and seeing that the meeting was taken a dimension not favourable to his egoism, decided to intimated the economic operating, threatening huge sanctions on those who shall heed to economic sabotage in his municipality.

It should be noted that Ekema Patrick has built a stone wall of security around him, amidst threats to arrest and prosecute him. Returning from his refuge sought in Yaounde, Ekema Patrick has redoubled his security dispositions.

However, he threatens innocent denizens to go out and expose themselves to calamities.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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