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The Anger of a Youth: I am Now For Full Blown “Independence”



Mr. Lewato Junior is a West Cameroonian, a SOBAN and before now, he has been skeptical about the support for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons. In a Facebook cry-out post, he enumerated very pitiful and touching reasons why he no longer supports Southern Cameroons staying with any political union with Cameroun. He wrote:

“..Now 1’m in support only for an outright independence. For many years I had nourished that thought and hope that the problem was with the government of La Republique, and that one-day things will change for us West Cameroonians, with a change of President and or government. I even differed with Mark Bareta and Nde Angelbert on a lot of these topics in our discussions over the years. Well, all that was just a dream. I woke up to realise reality is real, and that reality is:

1. That East Cameroonians don’t even know our history, the history of our country. The few who know have a completely different history of La Republique Du Cameroun; that History where I, We, are a colonized and poor nation, worthy only to be second class citizens. I began understanding the reason for the insults, marginalization, and segregation. When the ultimate time and opportunity came for that history to be corrected, during the celebrations of the so-called “50th-anniversary celebration of independence/reunification”, they further modified, diluted, and ‘porished’ our history again and this time right in our own house in Buea. It even had to take an ANGERED Chief Mukete to stand and interrupt with BOLDNESS to correct La Republique’s OWN version of Our History, as crafted and “authored” by their THUGS.

2. I was born and raised in Douala; matter of fact I started my education in French and only switched later on in my primary school years. I have known francophones so well, that is the government and the People. I can tell you with boldness that THERE SHALL BE NO OR VERY LITTLE CHANGE after Biya. Why? The East Cameroonian youths, I mean all the generations from 21 years and older, have been “poisoned” and “contaminated” with incurable corruption. The people who are young leaders, civil servants, public and private employers and employees, the Police, Gendarmes, military, almost all of them young and old, are as corrupt as the ministers and Biya’s crew. The seed has been planted in the young generations, and it is even beginning to affect some of my West Cameroonian youths as it has to some of their parents.I looked into the future, I searched miles and miles away, years and years away, it’s all oblique for my People of West Cameroon.

There was a time a dream of a “Cameroonian future” for myself and my generations; I wrote all the “concours” even: ENAM, Police Commissioner and Inspector, Prisons Administrator and I passed all without knowing anybody and with “flying” performance at the “orals”. Why I never made it on the final lists, I leave that question for you to answer. I worked in the private sector, even had my own car but yet La Republique kept on “insulting” and “abusing” me at every opportunity in every office. So I “self-exiled” myself to Bamenda, my HOMELAND.

All this narration may be long and boring, yes, but it’s to let you have a picture of what life an AVERAGE WEST CAMEROONIAN looks like in La Republique du Cameroun, note well I said “average” because I have seen, heard, and know people with worst situations/stories/experiences that make mine look like a “sweet dream”.

3. How can we talk of a “BILINGUAL” and “CULTURAL DIVERSITY” as supposedly “The Pillar” that “unites” Our Nation of West Cameroon to the country of La Republique du Cameroun, when there has ACTUALLY, FACTUALLY and REALISTICALLY never been any Bilingualism in this so-called “Bilingual Country”? Francophone Ministers can’t even understand English, and those who do can barely articulate the English language. Yet all Anglophone Ministers speak and “MUST” speak FRANCAIS.

West Cameroonians makeup just 20% of the population of LRC and yet the number of West Cameroonians who are Bilingual is greater than the number of East Cameroonians who can even understand or articulate “basic” English.
Does any of that sound normal to anybody in here or out there? or is it just my mind that’s going psychic?

Then somebody will fucking fucking fucking fucking and fuckingly tell me to “BET” the future of my “unborn” children with the same “enemy” who ruined mine, my father’s and his father before in a “REPUBLIC” ?
My answer to such a person is “GOD PUNISH YOU AND YA GENERATION ADD AM JOIN” yes yes yes, that may be rude. Somebody already told me that…. but yes yes yes I fucking said that…

Lewato Junior

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