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MoRISC Leader Calls Out Amnesty International Cover Up in recent report



Targeted Killings






Amnesty International Reports on the “Lion versus Deer” Fight in the Cameroons

By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

If a lion and a deer were locked in a fight, can one say there is violence on both sides?

Well – that is what Amnesty International seems to have concluded in its most recent report on the Cameroons. Media accounts of the report “A Turn for the Worse” have been fairer to the victims of rights abuses than Amnesty’s account is. AFP leads on the story as follows: “A government crackdown in two regions of Cameroon where English-speaking separatists are campaigning for an independent state has inflamed the crisis, Amnesty International says.”

The report blames armed separatists for the escalation in the crisis. Here are the exact words [page 6]: “The escalation of such violence by the armed separatists by end of 2017 coincided with the militarization of the Anglophone regions…”

Everyone else – except Amnesty, it seems – knows that the escalation of the crisis started with the regime declaring war on those whom Cameroon’s 85-year-old tyrant Paul Biya calls “secessionists” and “terrorists.” The first act in the escalation was the indiscriminate targeting and killing of civilians. This was forewarned by a communique, issued on 1 December 2017, inviting citizens in 15 villages in Manyu to “relocate to safer neighborhoods.” Amnesty points to the communique but buys the propaganda sold by the Biya regime that “the communique was withdrawn the following day.” The so-called withdrawal did not prevent the regime from slaying those Biya called “terrorists” and a governor and sycophants of the regime called “dogs”, “roaches” and “rats”. Amnesty offers another outrageous excuse, writing: “Cameroon has the right and obligation to conduct law enforcement and security operations in any part of its territory.”

To their discharge – and unlike Human Rights Watch, which simply has not covered the crisis, going to the extent of simply omitting Cameroon from their 2017 report – Amnesty’s biggest achievement is that they issued a report. Sadly, the report fosters the under-reporting of some of the most gruesome violations. For example, the report is quiet on the massacre in Menka. It has nothing to say about the abduction and rendition of Sisiku AyukTabe and other leaders from Nigeria, except as footnotes. Of the now nearly 80 villages razed to the ground in Ambazonia, Amnesty mentions only one – Kwakwa. And, Amnesty focuses on the killing of two security officers in Kwakwa. It fails to mention the retributive killing of five civilians, including Mami Apih, burnt alive in her home. Amnesty sugarcoats the scorched-earth policy of the Biya regime by saying that its troops in Kwakwa “conducted a security operation which resulted in massive destruction of homes and property.” Amnesty sidesteps the fact that Kwakwa was destroyed in retaliation, not “in connection with the killing of two gendarmes.”

The report goes one step further. It attempts to sanitize what happened in Kwakwa and other communities torched by security forces. Here is how very nicely Amnesty reports on the savagery by security forces. “When security forces entered some of these villages [page 6], they used excessive force to locate and arrest those who had stayed behind.” Locate and arrest!

The omission of the Menka Massacre in a report covering January to May 2018 is telling. It cannot be explained simply by the fact that Amnesty did not visit Menka or that the story broke while the report was already in print. Amnesty researchers list Kembong as one of the villages they visited. Yet the report fails to mention Kembong as the first of nearly 80 villages burnt to the ground to date. Also, the report does not mention the declaration by the spokesperson of the colonial army who says their troops torched only those homes in which they allegedly found weapons. It also does not mention video – gone viral – showing soldiers torching homes.

Instead, and consistent with propaganda by the colonialists, Amnesty puts the spotlight on five traditional palaces which it claims were targeted and burnt down by mobs of angry youth. Amnesty is so confused about one of these palaces that it states [page 15] that one of the palaces burnt down was a house belonging to the ADF (Ambazonian Defense Forces). The youth reportedly targeted the chiefs for collaborating with the colonizers, in the arrest, torture and killing of young pro-independence supporters. Whereas it is no longer in doubt that young Ambazonians are the most victimized segment of the population, Amnesty says traditional chiefs “are among those most targeted” and “have been badly hit by the crisis” [page 15].

Of the hundreds of schools known to have been vandalized or torched, the report blames pro-independence groups for the destruction of 42 schools. Silence on who burnt down or vandalized hundreds of other schools must mean the arsonists were government security forces. It is troops that set fire the very first time – by destroying a car belonging to one of the leaders of the teachers’ strike. Security forces later targeted and burnt down schools to protest the school boycott at a time when the regime was so irked by the churches keeping their schools under lock and key that they dragged Catholic bishops and other pastors to court.

Remarkably, Amnesty relays pro-regime accounts in which a teacher at a Catholic Primary School at Ntungfe, Boyo County, claims he was alone in the classroom (at 9.20am, on a school day) when he was attacked by one man, wielding a locally fabricated gun using pellets. In the second account, Amnesty buys the claim by the principal of the Baptist Comprehensive Secondary School at Njinikejem, Boyo County, that one man carrying a knife, attacked him and the matron in an effort to close down the school. Both stories are not believable. Attacks by angry mobs mentioned elsewhere in the report sound more convincing than lone wolf attacks. Amnesty also does not question why a school like Sacred Heart College, Mankon, was vandalized and partially burnt down while guarded by the dreaded BIR forces. Amnesty must not have seen video – gone viral – showing soldiers set fire to parts of Sacred Heart College.

Amnesty is careful to call its accusations of the Biya regime allegations. It issues a disclaimer to the effect that Amnesty “has not been able to independently verify these allegations of torture” [page 12].. Amnesty does not need to independently verify accusations against pro-independence groups. Referencing the 1 February 2018 killing of two gendarmes manning a checkpoint at Mbingo, North West Region, Amnesty says the killings – not allegedly – it says the killings were perpetrated “by a group of young armed separatists.” The report barely stops short of naming Sam Sawyer and three other young men beheaded later as the perpetrators.

While the report simply says “human rights violations need to stop,” it is more forceful in stating: “attacks on public officials, security forces and ordinary people are serious crimes.” Amnesty appears throughout the report to offer support for the security forces known for leading the violation of rights. For example, the report has the numbers of security officers killed down to the decimal point. That is not the same of attention to detail for Ambazonians killed. In sections of the report, it merely states that “some peaceful protesters were killed…” Some! No numbers! Amnesty seems to care less for innocent victims it has a mandate to protect. [See at the end of this article for confusing excerpts all drawn from the report on the killings]. That apparent lack of care for victims starts with the first line of the Executive Summary, which reads: “The Anglophone regions [not the people] have endured turmoil and violence in what has become a human rights crisis.”

Nope! The crisis is a national identity crisis. It is a territorial dispute between the two peoples and two nations of the Cameroons it is a crisis in which human rights violations have become rampant; not a human rights crisis. Amnesty seems to have used this report to victimize the victims. The approach is replicated when Amnesty downplays calls for independence. For example, the report [page 9] says “some protesters also called for greater autonomy for the Anglophone regions.” It is amazing that Amnesty documented “some protesters” demanding greater autonomy but could not see the multitudes – perhaps in their millions – who called for outright independence. Adding salt to injury, Amnesty misrepresents why the multitude of Ambazonians poured into the streets on 22 September 2017 and 1 October 2017. Whereas they came out to celebrate independence, those celebrations are misrepresented by Amnesty [page 10] calling them “large scale protests.”

One thing is clear in the report: Amnesty does not want to acknowledge Ambazonia, preferring to stick with the appellation: Anglophone regions. That is probably why the report tries hard to paint the crisis as one of language. For Amnesty, the Biya regime has been trying “to resolve the crisis” since January 2017 by… [wait for it!] “…by establishing a National Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, appointing Anglophone magistrates and bilingual teachers…” Amnesty barely stops short of suggesting, as some sycophants of the Biya regime have done, that Ambazonians are an ungrateful bunch not to recognize such kindness. As an Ambazonian, you feel like crying to see Amnesty join the regime [page 12] in reaffirming the falsehood that Ambazonians “lack competent Anglophone teachers.”

Finally, and although Amnesty rightly states that the violations are made possible by “a widespread and entrenched culture of impunity” [page 19], the report offers lame recommendations. In calling for accountability, the report calls on the regime to “take all legal measures to ensure accountability for crimes committed by the armed separatists” [page 30]. No such recommendation is made for crimes committed by regime forces. None of the recommendations calls for a repeal of the anti-terror law which allows the regime to charge persons who join mere anti-government protests with terrorism. This is the law that makes it legal for the regime to hold detainees “without charge for a period of 15 days, renewable indefinitely.” Remarkably, and further to Amnesty’s attempt to undermine the pro-independence movement, the report does not mention the rendition of Sisiku AyukTabe and aides, except as a footnote. It does not denounce the abductions, deportations, and the court-marshalling of pro-independence or pro-federalism activists before a military tribunal using a foreign language (French).

In recommending a political solution to the crisis, Amnesty fails to acknowledge the biggest demand by Ambazonians – independence and separation, first adopted as Option Zero in 1994 and followed in 1999 and 2009 by symbolic declarations of independence. Amnesty joins the Biya regime in calling for an end to “marginalization and exclusion” [page 31]. Singing from the same hymnbook as the regime, Amnesty calls for “an inclusive dialogue” that it explains could help restore [page 31] “the confidence between state representatives and the Anglophone communities.”

Either unwilling or unprepared to follow the lead already provided by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights which handed down a historic ruling recognizing Ambazonians as a people with an inalienable right to self-determination, Amnesty invites the Banjul-based court of the African Union to do something symbolic: “issue a public statement expressing concern…” You read right! Express concern and deploy “a fact-finding mission” to Ambazonia.

Notwithstanding the shortcomings of this report, it has focused world attention and caught the eye of global media. Thank you, Amnesty. However, my humble opinion is that a good starting point for reversing the abuses and righting the wrongs against Ambazonians would be for Amnesty International and other rights groups to join the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in reaffirming the inalienable right of Ambazonians to self-determination. A second important point would be for rights groups to recognize that the crimes underway in Ambazonia are no longer just human rights violations. What is unfolding in Ambazonia are Atrocity Crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts bordering on genocide.

Amnesty is right in noting that the clampdown and heavy-handed response from the Biya regime only “appear to have empowered and created space for more radical and violent movements to emerge with a focus on secession [the right word is restoration] and armed struggle.”




Amnesty’s Lack of Attention to Detail Regarding Victims

Below (highlighted in red) are direct excerpts from “A Turn for the Worse”, showing very glaringly the scant attention Amnesty seems to be paying to the count of victims:

“Security forces were responsible for the killing of at least 10 peaceful protesters between October 2016 and February 2017.”

“In October (1st October), Cameroonian security forces shot dead 20 peaceful protesters, by firing indiscriminately on crowds, including from helicopters.”

“Armed separatists have attacked security forces, especially gendarmes and police, killing at least 44 of them between September 2017 and May 2018, in both the North West and South West regions.”

“In one case documented in this report, members of the Rapid Intervention Battalion and the regular Army unlawfully killed at least four unarmed men during an operation in the village of Dadi, in December 2017. In another case, also from December 2017, the same forces shot dead three unarmed men in the village of Kajifu.”

“Amnesty International documented that at least one of them (of the at least 23 people, including minors and two men with mental disabilities arrested in Dadi on 13 December 2017) died at the Buea Central Prison – where those arrested in Dadi were eventually transferred.”

“Between September 2017 and May 2018 at least 44 members of the security forces were killed in attacks at checkpoints, in the streets, or on their duty stations.“

“More than 20 people were killed during the 1 October 2017 protests in several cities, such as Bamenda, Buea, Mamfe, Kumba, including unarmed people shot in the back, and over 500 were arbitrarily arrested.”

“The killing of over 20 peaceful protesters between 22 September and 1 October 2017 marked an escalation of the crisis,43 which intensified even further following a series of major military-led operations conducted in December 2017 in various villages of the Manyu division.”

13 December 2017 – “Amnesty International received and corroborated the names of the four men, between 27 and 33 years old, who were killed by security forces in Dadi. Three were shot as they were returning to Dadi from their farms on motorbikes, and one as he attempted to flee towards the bush out of fear on 13 December 2017. All witnesses confirmed that those killed by the military were unarmed.”

“In addition, witnesses say that six other people, including a 9-year-old girl, were also killed during the 13 December 2017 military operation in Dadi, but Amnesty International has not been able to independently verify the information.”

14 December 2017 – “At least one person, an elderly man of about 60 years old, was extra-judicially executed outside his house.”

In early December 2017 – “A 28-year-old man who was in Kajifu when the operation unfolded recalled how the soldiers killed a man: Amnesty International corroborated that at least three unarmed men, between 25 and 30 years old, were unlawfully killed as a result of gunshot wounds and other injuries sustained as they attempted to flee.”

“In addition, eyewitnesses and residents of Kajifu provided a list of nine other men who they say were killed during the operation, but Amnesty International has not been able to confirm the information.”

“In the early hours of 2 February 2018, over 40 members of the security forces, including gendarmes, BIR and regular Army soldiers, conducted operations in Belo,66 particularly focusing on the area known as Acha. At least one unarmed man was shot in the back and killed by security forces, dozens were beaten and arbitrary arrested and four died in custody.”

“On 3 February 2018, the corpses of four men (between 28 and 45 years old) were found at the Bamenda Regional Hospital mortuary, and later identified by family members as the same men who were arrested by a group of gendarmes, regular Army soldiers and BIR in Belo the previous evening. The families described to Amnesty International how they found the bodies bloodied with marks on their necks. Three of the men were arrested in a liquor store in Belo Square, and the other at a nearby residence.”

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  1. Saa

    June 14, 2018 at 6:56 PM

    Amnesty International seemed to have been bribed by French Cameroun to doctor the actual happennings to favour French Cameroun. Their current report is completely faulty and wilfully skewed to favour French Cameroun. It is well established fact that French Cameroun authorities burnt down atleast 70 villages and forced the inhabitants into refugees. Why does Amnesty report not mention that. Rather Amnesty International is looking for ways to label this poor West Cameroonians (Ambazonians) defending themselves from the criminal French Cameroun onslought as terrorists. This Amnesty international mentions that the seperatists burnt schools without them mentioning what schools were burnt by separatists and how could they prove that these burnt schools were burnt by the separatists. From all indications, Amnesty International is being manipulated almost jusr like the UN with regard to the West Cameroon Ambazonia) issue

    • homeboy

      June 14, 2018 at 10:18 PM

      see how confused you guys are, BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst – called Neba Benson put up an article a few days ago titled ‘Amnesty International Condemns Biya’s Regime Over Rights Violation In Ambazonia’ you guys were the first to sing praises, today @Boh Herbert puts up his own piece ‘MoRISC Leader Calls Out Amnesty International Cover Up in recent report’ and you jump on it and start dancing.

      What do you guys want? Stop deceiving the weak and the poor and let the kids go back to school. 2 academic years gone, what is the future of these kids?

      Continue to prepare the children of NW and SW as future slaves, soon you come to cry and blame LRC for poor education.

      • Jojo

        June 15, 2018 at 4:50 AM

        Well spoken my dear @Homeboy.

  2. spear

    June 14, 2018 at 7:23 PM


    • homeboy

      June 14, 2018 at 10:19 PM

      see how confused you guys are, BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst – called Neba Benson put up an article a few days ago titled ‘Amnesty International Condemns Biya’s Regime Over Rights Violation In Ambazonia’ you guys were the first to sing praises, today @Boh Herbert puts up his own piece ‘MoRISC Leader Calls Out Amnesty International Cover Up in recent report’ and you jump on it and start dancing.

      What do you guys want? Stop deceiving the weak and the poor and let the kids go back to school. 2 academic years gone, what is the future of these kids?

      Continue to prepare the children of NW and SW as future slaves, soon you come to cry and blame LRC for poor education.

  3. Jojo

    June 14, 2018 at 9:02 PM

    Look at you fools, now Amnesty is no longer your friend, because they said it right?.
    I told you before that it was stupid on your part to try to catch a Tiger with bare hands.
    A minutes you mess with the army that decimated Bako Haram, you should expect nothing less than a strong response.
    Amnesty put it right, don’t start a fight with someone not of your size and later start crying like a baby. The Cameroon army is a force not to mess with. You all should stop your nonsense now before it is too late.

    • Tabot

      June 14, 2018 at 9:29 PM

      Jojo, it won’t be long before the soldiers you love so much would turn their attention to you lot. Please don’t bother knocking on the free Ambazonia door.

      • Jojo

        June 15, 2018 at 4:54 AM

        @Tabot the army is not my friend, their job is to protect me and my job is not to disrespect them. Keep thatvin mind.

        • Tabot

          June 15, 2018 at 2:59 PM

          Jojo, so you respect rapists,looter killers and torturers? Most of soldiers fighting don’t even their history. Jojo, do you? What is happening in Ambazonia shall visit LRC definitely and don’t come knocking on free Ambazonia door.

  4. Malis

    June 14, 2018 at 10:37 PM

    Sorry we Ambazonians are not looking for people that all they can do is write word on paper or speak words be it good for us or bad. What the hell is that going to do and to who. We have gone pass this stage of taking such thing serious, look into the world and prove me wrong.

    Weather they write something favoring or disfavoring is not at all of our interest, we have gone pass such naive, backward type of reasoning. We know what we want, what is our and how to get it.

    Our struggle is not about Amnesty International or reports for some organization. I look at what they wrote and just laugh to death, just as all the nonsense contracts that the UK is signing.

    Do these entities really think they can scare us, I mean, do they really thinks we Ambazonians are getting up every morning waiting for some report from somewhere? When has ever such a report done anything?

    One and only one thing do we do and that is piece by peace take back our nation, that is. When we are done those who want to cry or laugh, like us or hate us, …
    can freely do that, we don’t care.

    For now it fighting. It’s live of die, nothing else.

    It is about determination not democracy, reports, words, social media noise, …

    Ground Zero is the final stage and it’s coming. Only then will thing get serious. All these reports are pure distraction.

    • homeboy

      June 14, 2018 at 10:52 PM

      ‘We know what we want, what is our and how to get it’ IMPLIES preparing the children of NW and SW as future slaves

      • saa

        June 15, 2018 at 1:38 AM

        You sick man called ‘homeboy’ what is your problem? You son of a prostotute.

        • Jojo

          June 15, 2018 at 4:57 AM

          @Saa that is the question you should ask yourself, because you know nothing but insults. Low IQ!

      • Malis

        June 15, 2018 at 6:04 AM

        You are a mathematical idiot.
        How can you try to imply something that is already in being and brought forth at lest 50 years ago by your people?

        Did you not see the video of your LRC BIRs brothers raping our daughters?
        Did you not know that you and your sick father Paul Biya are already enslaving us Ambazonians and stealing our resources.

        I wish your mother, sisters, daughter, wife were the once been raped and killed.

        You, with help from your colonial fathers France, England and your colonial mother the UN stole our future at least 50 years ago and destroy our lively hood. We have no future.

        No amount of words come close to a fraction of one of you demonic acts that for over 50+ years have been brought down on us Ambazonians.
        Rapping children and talking about future. You see why we are fighting you?
        You are so sick beyond repair. The future of us in the NW and SW is rape, genocide, extermination, …

        We are going through enslavement, colonization, dehumanization, for savages, barbarians, thieves, like you and all you can do is try to do mathematical implications. Go and learn how to count first, then how to add, and a little bit of subtract, …

        Stupid fool like you want to do mathematical implications, not even in the abstract but in real world. You don’t have the brains for that.

        You are so wicked, demonic, savage, … I ask my self what women gives birth to creatures like you. Satanic beings.

        There is nothing you can do to scare us, absolutely nothing. Not you words, not your fake images, not you lies, not your killings, not your stupid foolish mathematical logic, and yes, we shall flush you our of our nation no matter how long it takes. You are mistake of creation.

        When you have been flushed out, our daughters, mothers, babies, grand parents, elders, … will finally then start to build a future.

        You are a parasite, a rapist, a waste product of mankind.

        • Jojo

          June 15, 2018 at 9:05 PM

          @Malis how about for once yiu said something intelligent? All you are saying are just noises.

          • Malis

            June 16, 2018 at 2:16 AM

            All I do is look at your identity.

            I never read what you write for you are just a yam head. We are not here to entertain you or see how intelligent you are. The actions of the people you come for have already proved that your brain never developed at all.

            You wicked satanic foolish creature, you are killing, raping, burning, … our people and still then got the nerves to come here and even dare to want to talk to us. Go and post your comments on Biya’s asshole. bastard.

            All your intelligence, what of sense have you done with it?

  5. Bali Nyonga

    June 14, 2018 at 11:16 PM

    Ntumfoyn Boh like most Ambazonians is uniquely endowed. Petition writing is a strength that I leave it to him. He is so organized and adept at record keeping in this revolution that he remains the only one with minute bye minutes record (audios, videos, pictures) of frenchCameroon’s deeds of barbarism in Ambazonia. Although I disagree with him on many fronts, he is a writer like a tiger. Let him maintain the revolution’s secretariat role.

    Yes, Mrs. Ilaria Allegro of AmnestyWARO (west Africa) flew Barrsiter Nkongho Balla to and from Senegal to endorse her report prior to publication. She trusted Bar. Balla’s endorsement but did not trust his extensive documentation/reporting on the atrocities, especially burning of villages. She went ahead during interview with BBCnews and said that LRC minister is satisfied with the report, which is shameless & disgusting. When she was asked today on RFI about burning of villages, she said there are “many allegations of burning of villages”. Pathetic liar, it’s a fact. When I challenge her on twitter to demonstrate that US Ambassador to frenchCameroon Amb. Ballerin is a liar for calling out satan paulBiya on targeted/extrajudicial killing, burning of villages etc, she blocked me.

    I had mention like many others that there shall be no elections in Ambazonia organized by frenchCameroon and some shi-no-ship-lass trolls/naysayers laughed at and ridiculed me. Today, satan biya has asked Niat if the zoo-nation’s senate can extend the mandate of their MPs to 2019. After that, I predict he will ask that Presidential election be postponed. Even if there is presidential or parliamentary election in frenchCameroon, I can say that there shall be no elections in Ambazonia organized by our neighbours. Ambazonians, at the appropriate time shall organize elections in the their new country, the world’s newest free democracy in the making. The 2 cubes of sugar has not dissolved for 57 years, has morphed into a FB country, reigns over a territory and on the way to absolute freedom. Take it to any bank and it will not bounce. Trolls/naysayers can go jump for all I care, Ambazonia shall be free, learn to live with it, it’s a reality.

    Fund, fund and fund the resistance

  6. Papito

    June 15, 2018 at 9:03 AM

    Bali Nyonga and others…….
    You say : FUND FUND FUNG FUND ………..through kidnapping your own brothers and sisters not so ????
    You must have had a very bad and long sleepless night. Why are you preaching hate ?
    I am still waiting for you to come out clearly and condemn the kidnapping of my brothers and sisters by your followers.
    Is this the way you aim to leave in your imaginary country ? We never knew this until ambazonians surfaced.
    please call for an end of this kidnappings and tell your followers that it is wrong.
    Be courageous enough to do so.

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The U.S. State Department on Monday condemned the release of a video appearing to show soldiers in Cameroon killing a woman and infant, among others.  As President Paul Biya, 85, prepares to run for a seventh term as president, foreign governments and human rights organizations are increasingly sounding the alarm on growing violence between French and English speakers in the country.
Biya announced that he would seek a seventh term as president on Friday, having clocked 36 years as the nation’s head of state in which most of the country, but not those in government, have experienced a significant economic decline. Should Biya win the election, he will be 92 years old by the time his latest term ends. Another significant issue with Biya’s rule is that he does not live in Cameroon for much of the year, preferring Switzerland to his own country. The New York Times noted this week that Biya has spent 4.5 of his 36 years in office abroad, even though his country faces major economic challenges, regular terrorist attacks on the part of neighboring Nigeria’s Boko Haram, and growing strife between francophone and anglophone Cameroonians.

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Joint Commanders of Restoration Forces Issue Ultimatum to Ambazonian MPs in La Republique du Cameroun



Restoration Forces

Joint Commanders of Restoration Forces Issue Ultimatum to Ambazonian MPs in La Republique du Cameroun

BaretaNews has now confirmed a Joint declaration by commanders of Ambazonian Restoration forces in the homeland, requesting Ambazonian Members of Parliament (MPs) represented in the National Assembly of La Republique du Cameroun to resign and walk out of the foreign parliament. The declaration which was done in Kumba, economic headquarters of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia on July 14, 2018, gives the MPs an ultimatum of seven days to quit the colonial assembly and wait for when they’ll be requested to reconvene in Buea.

BaretaNews has been able to talk with 8 commanders on the ground and 5 confirmed being aware of and were part of those who came out with the declaration/ultimatum. 3 others however noted that, they weren’t part of those who signed the declaration but they however agree and abide with the content, as it seek to foster the revolution and save the lives of the Ambazonian people.

According to the commanders, the blood of innocent Ambazonian citizens cannot continue to flow on the streets of Ambazonia, while the so-called MPs, who claim to be the people’s representatives sit and watch without any major action. Worst among these MPs are those of the CPDM who have completely sold their consciences and have deliberately sealed their mouths. They are therefore called upon to hold themselves responsible for whatever befalls them after the expiration of the ultimatum.

A group of these colonial MPs such as Honorable Joseph Mbah Ndam, Hon. Fusi Namukong, Hon. Joseph Wirba among many others had last year made public statements to the effect that they were resigning or pulling out from the colonial parliament. Among these group of MPs, only the fire spitting Hon. Wirba meant what he said, as he has not been seen anywhere around the colonial parliament ever since his declaration.

The others had since returned to the Yaoundé glass house, making many failed attempts to get the conflict discussed in the lawmaking chamber. Their voices have been deliberately ignored for the past two years. While the US Congress, the Nigerian, German, British and even the EU Parliaments have all discussed the conflict and requested for an inclusive dialogue on the root causes of the conflict, the matter has remained a taboo subject in the occupier’s house of assembly.

On the September 22, 2017 and October 1, 2017, the Ambazonian people went out with peace plants requesting for their rights and pleading with these MPs to learn from history and walk out of the colonial assembly in order to shortened the revolution. Unfortunately, the people were deceived by these MPs.

At this juncture where the colonial regime has unleased its war machinery at the people, maiming and killing innocent civilians, it has become more than expedient for these MPs to leave the colonial institution or face the anger of the people, whom they claim to represent. Like the Joint Commanders declared, it is now an issue of BLOOD and IRON. No individual shall be allowed again to legitimize this act of colonialism and toil with the lives and destinies of more than 8 million Ambalanders.


Below is the full version of the declaration.

Declaration of the Joint Commanders of all Ambazonia Liberation Forces to MPs & Senators of our Land

We, Commanders of all units of liberation forces affiliated to all Ambazonian organizations in this Southern Cameroons struggle, have this July 14 2018 solemnly made this declaration and we want all those concerned to take note that until all of us are killed, we shall implement this engagement, so please take us seriously as take the public as witness that we warned you before acting.

Everyone has seen that for almost two years today, some people who call themselves our elected representatives have failed to listen to us who they claim elected them to Parliament and to the Senate. We therefore understand that truly they were never meant to represent us, that only Paul Biya, their families and their stomachs matter to them.

We also want to observe, that on the 22 of September 2017, some of them took us for their fools by claiming they were resigning and afterwards, we saw them dancing in Parliament to earn their salaries. Of course, they can all agree with us today that the Parliament of Pa Paul Biya can never discuss our problem. That is why we have come to the decision below.

All Parliamentarians and Senators that hail from Ambazonia have exactly 7 days from this July 14, 2018 to present their official resignation letters to the press and everywhere else and then wait for an official program to convene in Buea to start the Ambazonian House of Assembly under our protection. Beyond this date, anyone who would not have complied WILL be considered an armed terrorist soldier of LRC and shall be dealt with the way we have been dealing with them. No political party is exempted and this decision shall not be appealed. We simply pray that these greedy people do not tempt us, else what the terrorist BIR of Yaounde did to one family in Widikum will befall them. The time for games is over. Now is the time for BLOOD AND IRON to determine the course of our struggle.

We are reiterating that after July 21, no one should blame us for what will happen.

It is our wish that all will comply and on time. Meantime, we urge the following women: Emma Lafon, Regina Mundi, Monjoa Lifaka, Agnes Ntube, Ngala Esther and Meyali Meboka who we believe know the pains of child birth, but who have been quiet as our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered to take the lead, else no one in their lineage WILL EVER LIVE to say what would have happened to them.

We have spoken and so shall it be.

Done in Kumba on the 14 July 2018.

The Joint Commanders of Ambazonia Liberation Forces.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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Continuous Targeted Killings in Southern Cameroons Under the Silent Watch of those that Matter



Targeted Killings

Continuous Targeted Killings in Southern Cameroons Under the Silent Watch of those that Matter

The targeted killing of young men, women and children in Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia by the terrorist colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun have intensified in the last week with the ruthless massacre of 15 Ambazonians in Tiben, Batibo, a brother to the Fon of Mbiame in Bui and five students of the University of Bamenda, all in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, making a total of at least 21 executions within the just ended week.

At least, 28 innocent Ambazonians were also shot in Kumba, Bombey (along the road the Buea-Kumba road), Muyuka, and Muea by the terrorist forces from Yaoundé. Almost 20 elderly people sustained gun shot injuries. Just early this morning of Sunday July 15, 2018 the terrorist forces were firing into homes beside the road in Mile 16 Buea, targeting civilians in their sleep.

All these massacres are taking place under the silent watch of all those who matter at the international scene, and at a time the colonial terrorist claims to be preparing a so-called humanitarian plan for the affected people of Ambazonia. In trying to defend its massacre of innocent civilians, the colonial terrorist claimed they were responding to attacks from Ambazonian restoration forces.

They boasted to have neutralize 6 of the Ambazonian restoration forces but all evidences point to the fact that these were innocent citizens, some of whom were shot right in front of and inside their own houses. In some cases, locally made guns were placed on the executed bodies to take pictures as prove. The specific case of a mentally deranged young man executed in Kumba and his corpse framed up with a den gun is conspicuous.

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) headed by Barrister Dr. Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, confirmed these massacres with a detailed report on the cases in Batibo and the University of Bamenda. According to the CHRDA report, the terrorist soldiers of La Republique got news that there was a training camp of the Restoration forces in Tiben village of Batibo Sub Division and they targeted the locality with the aim of eliminating members of the camp.

“They entered the village at about 7a.m. on Thursday morning while the villagers were preparing to go and sell their goods and merchandise at the Widikum weekly market, a neighboring locality to Tiben ​. Failing to meet the ADF, they started shooting sporadically in the air causing panic and fear in the villagers. In the midst of the commotion, some of the villagers escaped to the bush. A notable and shocking scenario was the killing of a teacher Mr. Tebit Evans Chick ​ and 7 members of his family.” A section of the report said.

The 15 massacred include 7 men, 5 women and 3 children (all girls), while one of the victims identified as Mrs Abang Mary was severely injured.

On the execution of five students of the University of Bamenda, CHRDA investigations revealed that:

“…on Wednesday night when the students were in their hostels. Neighbors, students, also say that night; they saw military men ordering students to come out of their hostels (The name of the hostel gotten was Elisam Hostel situated around the police station) which they did. They were asked to first present their identity cards, which they did. Later ordered to sit on the floor and later on asked to stand and walk towards the soldiers who out rightly hot and killed these students (execution style). Early the next morning, they went to see what had happen, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find their fellow mates at the hostel.”

“That morning, it was discovered at the Regional Hospital in Bamenda that five (5) bodies (all young men) were brought in the hospital without any identification. Parents of BILLY KARI, one of the victims, were contacted by the students of the hostel on the happenings of yesternight. The parents came and searched for him everywhere, they went to the police station but on getting there, were told to go look for him in the mortuary. On getting to the hospital, there discovered and identified that one of the bodies brought to the hospital without any identification is their son- Billy Karri, a student studying Urban Planning, in the University of Bamenda.”

Despite the fact that the truth about these massacres is already in the national and international media, the colonial terrorist regime has not stopped in its diabolical plans to hide their crimes. They have resorted to forcing the families of the massacred victims at gun point to sign undertakings at the mortuaries, stating that their family members were killed by Ambazonian restoration forces.

BaretaNews continues to call on the global community and those responsible for the prevention of this ongoing genocide to sit up to their responsibilities. The conspiracy of silence is proving to be testimony of compliance to these targeted killings and it is high time men and women of good conscience in the world rose up to their responsibilities and stop this carnage.

Ambazonians continue to state that the colonial terrorist regime doesn’t have the monopoly of violence. The people have already been pushed to the wall enough. In the past months, they have through the Ambazonia Restoration forces been defending themselves against all odds. However, the continuous silence of the world is forcing the people to go beyond just defending themselves but also going on the offensive.

Enough is Enough. The bloody regime can never succeed in using force to continuously enslave Ambazonians after 57 years. Never again, not with this revolutionary enlightened generation. The people have chosen to fight till the last man standing.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.


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