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Zero Elections In “West Cameroon”: It is Morally Suicidal








Zero Elections: Joint the Movement
With the crisis going on in West Cameroon, you will be out of your mind to even think any form of free and peacefull elections could be conducted there. Besides, there will be no elections without genuine national dialogue to find a lasting solution to the anglophone crisis that have now mutated to an armed conflict because of a reckless regime that radicalised what was a peacefull protest.

On a grand scheme of things, and under the current status quo, I have come to the sad conclusion that no change will ever come to Cameroon via elections. So stop dreaming and stop talking about elections. It is even morally wrong to be talking of elections when people are being massacred in West Cameroon, with tens of thousands displaced both internally and externally, and their homes completely razed to the ground.

It is more evident in Cameroon today than ever before that elections are organised for the sole purpose of enhancing regime legitimacy, and distributing patronage amongst loyalist and the pseudo “opposition parties colluding with the regime. We are beginning to see many of such parties emerging. There has never been a time that this dying regimes needed such legitimacy than now. So going in for the elections is giving the regime the much needed legitimacy.

The corrupt election rigging apparatus has been refined over the years to the point where even if all the opposition parties where to unite, it will still be challenging to unseat this regime. I know this will come as a surprise to many, but that’s the reality. Many opposition parties intending to run for this elections are not doing so because they have an iota of believe that they can win, but for reasons best known to all of us.

Be men and women of consciences and come to the realisation that no authoritarian regime in the world has ever been unseated via elections. Cameroon is officially (in most accademic records) listed as one of those authoritarian regimes in the world, incase you did not know, so with the balot box, after Biya will be Biya.


Eric Acha

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