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Worsening War Of Independence: Abdul Karim Prescribes Safety Measures



Worsening War Of Independence: Abdul Karim Prescribes Safety Measures

By James Agbor

As Ambazonian fighters battle with colonial forces on different fields across the territory, there is a need for civilians to stay safe amidst hostilities, says Abdul Karim.

The renowned Ambazonian leader made the pronouncement recently as he proposed 20 safety measures in a write-up that is currently making rounds on social media.

The bona fide leader and Muslim scholar of the Bible, entreated the suffering masses to among other factors, always mind their speech, stuck food, and medical supplies, avoid staying out late, and respect Ambazonian leaders.

Worried by the recent deployment of thousands of French Cameroun’s soldiers across Ambazonia, the Muslim scholar saw it necessary to share his insights in the 20 comments.

Below are the 20 safety tips prescribed by Abdulkarim.

A. DOs.
1. Do watch your tongue and guard your modesty.

2. Do always have mobile data and keep yourself apprised of events around you.

3. Do keep your family together.

4. Do keep your gates and doors locked at all times.

5. Do lay on the floor, away from windows when you hear gunfire.

6. Do stay low until the fire is over.

7. Do respect the laws of the land.

8. Do inform your neighbors and family of this.

9. Do stock medical and food supplies at home.

10. Do commit all to God.

1. Don’t go to bars.

2. Don’t betray your people.

3. Don’t talk about what you barely understand.

4. Don’t make friends with enablers and traitors.

5. Don’t stay out after 6 pm.

6. Don’t condemn your brother in front of the enemy.

7. Don’t disobey the laws of those who own the land.

8. Don’t commit any crimes.

9. Don’t deal in contraband products.

10. Don’t serve Satan.

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