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Women in a Revolution; Ambazonia Recognition Collaboration Council Bestows Leadership on them.









Women in a Revolution; Ambazonia Recognition Collaboration Council Bestows Leadership on them.

The Ambazonia Recognition Collaboration Council – ARCC, on Saturday March 3, 2018 elected two revolutionary ladies, to serve as pioneer Chair and Vice Chairpersons of the organization. Mrs Jennipher Tangyie of the Southern Cameroons Women Movement (SCWM)_and Ms Catherine Mformangum of MoRISC are the two women, who shall pilot the affairs of the ARCC in the main time.

The ladies were elected after a rigorous three rounds voting exercise represented by the leaders of the Six member organizations that constitute the ARCC. Both women are said to be based on the USA and are advocates/ front row actors in the Ambazonia liberation struggle.

In a statement released and signed by Dr. Cho Ayaba, Chairperson of the second executive committee session, five top priority areas for the elected Chairperson and vice are listed to include;

1. Provide leadership in implementing ARCC as a platform which allows all Ambazonian Liberation movements to function at their collaborative best; sharing and delegating tasks to each other; building on each other’s comparative advantage.

2. Build the trust and respect solely needed, if Ambazonian Liberation movements, notably those outside of the ARCC are truly to be more tolerant of each other, and are to deal more honestly, transparently and empathetically with each other.

3. Ensure that ARCC is heard – loud and clear- and understood as an alliance of the movements disinterested in the tussle for power, yet unapologetically committed to contributing its fair share to the campaign for the recognition of the Republic of Ambazonia.

4. Mobilize Ambazonians and friends of Ambazonia worldwide in a series of coordinated actions aimed at internationalizing Ambazonia’s independence quest and reinvigorating world wide protest as as part of a re-energized campaign for diplomatic recognition.

5. Accelerate the process of fully setting up ARCC, including the building the agreed-to joint Secretariat, joint treasury, joint Legal Team and a joint Communications Department.

The statement concluded with the acknowledgment of an agreement by the leaders of ARCC, to release its signature Campaign for the Recognition of Ambazonia (CARA)’ while also reminding the international community of their last week call to action in order to stop the ongoing atrocities of the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun.

On the election of the ARCC leadership, BaretaNews takes special interest in the rise of women to assume leadership in the revolution and the willingness of ARCC to collaborate with all revolutionary movements genuinely, transparently, honestly and empathetically committed to the revolutionary course, with mutual trust and respect for each other.

The Ambazonian women, so far have been so instrumental in this revolution. From the Takumbeng women, to the Takumbeng relief and to the Southern Cameroons Women Movement worldwide, it is obvious that the Ambazonian women are not only hungry for freedom, but are equally actively involved and determined to see the homeland free.

As the two revolutionary ladies settle down for work, BaretaNews congratulates them for their emergence, while also promising its necessary support, so long as they are committed to the one and only revolutionary goal – Freedom Ambazonia.

The Ambazonia people are looking up to them, to use their motherly and empathic disposition to established a genuine working collocation with the interim government, headed by AIP Dr. Sako Samuel, so as to galvanize the necessary resources to fast tract the revolution. This is the desire of the people of Ambazonian, specially the homeless, brutalized and bereaved families in the homeland. This is the wish of BaretaNews, the peoples platform.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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