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We tried to influence the outcome but we failed-Cardinal Tumi



Cardinal Tumi, one of the convenors of the now failed Anglophone General Conference has confessed that majorify of who they called Anglohones want Absolute separation from French Cameroun despite the fact that the option never appeared in their questionnaire. The results were handed over to the colonial PM in a 400 page document. The cardinal said “In our questionnaire to Anglophones, we tried to influence the Anglophone opinion but we did not succeed; therefore it shows how deep the problem is… When we said, ‘what form of government do you think can solve this problem? Federation or decentralisation…’ I think just about 4 or 5 people reacted out of a thousand. 69% said ABSOLUTE SEPARATION.” Cardinal Tumi.

Worthy of note is the fact that only Federation and Decentralisation were provided for on the questionnaire but our people forced in, their heart’s desire on a space provided below the question for them to enlist any other form of state of their choice.

ABSOLUTE SEPARATION is what 69% indicated they want. Some of the remaining 31 said they want a referendum which was rejected as not being a form of state.”We drew the conclusion… that 69% of our respondents are convinced that if we want to love each other; that is to say, the Anglophones and Francophones want to leave as brothers and sisters, ABSOLUTE SEPARATION…is important.

The Cardinal, though insisting on maintaining his position as a federalist, had this to say when asked if he thought separation is possible, “It’s possible since it is human. It’s not the law of God. We were separate. Where we not? We were.”Yes Cardinal Tumi we were, and so shall we be again!

It’s hard to accept that you will want for your people what the vast majority of them have shown you clearly that they don’t want for themselves, but we must respect your opinion. Thanks for the objectivity.

We look forward to having the complete report of findings from your research project once it is made public.

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