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We Should Hence Arrest All High Profile Enablers Till Independence-Cho Ayaba



My Fellow Ambazonians,

This is our revolution to escape slavery and humiliation. This has been our last stance against a despotic and murderous system that has robbed us of humanity and turned our streets into rivers of blood. Yet we must constantly remind ourselves of the pain of this revolution, especially on the very people who have been subjected to torment for more than 50 years. It’s not easy to tell our people who suffer this pain on Ground Zero time and again that it will get better when the butcher has insisted on making the pain permanent. The consequences of Cameroun’s excesses in our land and on the psychology of our people is huge. It will haunt us for long. It may leave with a generation forever. We must, therefore, recognize these things and begin to take remedial actions to mitigate their effect by providing effective forms of communicative therapy to our people. Words of hope, caution, and positivism are powerful instruments used in a mental readjustment in times pain and uncertainty. We may never remember their names because the very nature of colonialism is to make you celebrate your oppressors and fight against your heroes. This generation is bleeding to make sure that all those professors on GZ whose blood gives us HOPE must be remembered in the first Chapter of our story.

In the midst of this hope for liberty and carnage, there is still us and those who believe that we must remain slaves under Cameroun. Through their selfish actions, they have helped Cameroun persist in its claim to hold us in bondage or eliminate us from the face of the earth. There is us and those whose selfishness and naivety buried in their short-term blindness in the politics of Cameroun have prolonged the days of our suffering and delayed the day of complete takeover. They are called ENABLERS. They blame us for engaging in self defence for our survival. They think if we simply accept to remain a colony then the suffering will end and the occupy will provide us with autonomy.

There are enablers who still give Cameroun hope that it can use them to still control Ambazonia. There are enablers whom the international system counts on in bringing peace without justice Their facts are so starkly different from their stance. While Fru Ndi has declared rightly that Cameroun has no control over Ambazonia, he still believes we must remain a colony of Cameroun. While Cardinal Christian Tumi has also declared and rightly too that there was no Union between Ambazonia and Cameroun, he still believes bringing peace to Cameroun is far more important than bringing Justice to Ambazonia. Other enablers have stated the facts of our being correctly and rehearsed the historical realities with piercing accuracy. Yet their insistence that Ambazonia must remain enslaved and a colony of Cameroun is what is delaying our recognition. The international system thinks they can be used to keep Ambazonia under Cameroun while their oil companies continue to steal our oil; their timber companies continue to degrade our forest and our misery continue unabetted. The license to our occupation was handed to Cameroun before by enablers and the West. We must put an end to it now once and for all.

My fellow soldiers of the revolution,

Cameroun has lost control. That is an unquestionable reality. Ambazonia must thus be recognized as an independent state. This will provide it with the powers within the international system to negotiate and secure for Ambazonians opportunities that will stop the humanitarian crisis. Enablers will not change the course of our resistance against the tyranny of colonialism. The arrest and brief detention of Pa John Fru Ndi however sad are signs of things to come. We do not forget about those who risked for us. We never undermine the role of those who spoke for us when we could not. We are also very defiant against those who enable colonialism and brutality in our land. Going forward, we will be looking at policies beyond non-collaboration with enablers. There is the need to arrest these high-profile enablers and put them in custody until independence. Those who speak in support of colonialism while using our suffering as the basis of their argument must be stopped. Those who speak for our enslavement while pretending to care about our wounded, tortured and murdered must henceforth stay in protective custody. All societies in their hour of survival have taken the same actions.

Fellow soldiers of the Revolution,

A man invades your home and ask you each year to gather your family and march in celebration for his take over. This is where all humans, be they cripple, dumb or deaf rise in defiance. Ambazonians have risen and will not take lectures from the slave Master anymore. The month of May 2019 will be a special month. Colonial Governors don’t give us lectures. Our defense forces must henceforth redirect all their resources to capturing or killing these angels of suffering. As the Vice president and the Secretary of State and Secretary for Recognition and Peace take targeted diplomacy to a new level the month of May must be a month of the test of wills that should determine who is in charge: invaders and murderers or liberators and soldiers of the revolution. We must all reenergize our revolution and send the occupier and enablers an unmistaken message that Ambazonia is Free and shall never again become a colony of a backward and decadent country in the face of the earth; that Ambazonia is free and will not sit on the table to provide the occupier with another license to enslave. It is time they move their last forces out.

God bless Ambazonia

Dr Cho Ayaba

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