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Wanton Extrajudicial Killings In Bui As Colonial Soldiers Go On Rampage




Wanton Extrajudicial Killings In Bui As Colonial Soldiers Go On Rampage

By Mbah Godlove

After Undertaking a fruitless Mission to capture a famous Ambazonian commander in Noni, Bui county, French Cameroun soldiers have venged their anger on ordinary citizens as many are feared dead.

According to local media reports, a heavily armed contingent of colonial soldiers recently invaded Noni, hoping to destroy a renowned commander and his boys in the area.

Unable to accomplish their gold, the said forces of occupation began arresting youths, most of whom were reportedly killed hours later.

Those who fell in their trap were severely beaten and thrown into their war vehicle, BarataNews has learned.

A source revealed that dozens of young men who were forcefully whisked off during the operation were executed and their corpses dumped along the Noni Kumbo stretch of road.

Locals said such colonial barbarism has been exhibited in the Noni local government area on several occasions in the course of the ongoing war of Independence.

Families whose relatives were arrested have been in grief after the French Cameroun military crackdown.

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