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USA: Minister Tchiroma Tastes Freedom




This is Minister Tchiroma in the United States of America enjoying the freedom which the country possesses. In the USA like in most of these democracies in the west, citizens are free to visit presidential palaces where their president lives to take pictures, walk around etc. In fact, it becomes one of the most touristic attractions of the country. The number of persons who visits the White House in the USA daily is tremendous. Cameroonians could see their minister taking a picture in front of the White House. What Irony?

Biya like most dictators in Africa has become so detached from their people. Biya will never visit his people and shake hands with them. Biya will never allow Cameroonians to visit the Unity Palace in Etoudi in Yaounde to walk around it premises and take pictures. Anyone who dares such, they would be rounded up, they would be beaten, their cameras would be confiscated. Even his own ministers cannot take pictures in front of Etoudi. Why is Biya living in fear? Didn’t he say he was elected by the majority of Cameroonians? Why would Cameroonians harm a President they voted and loved? Minister Tchiroma who cannot show a single picture in Etoudi is not even ashamed to show this in front of the White house. In Cameroon, freedom of expression and communication is a sham. BaretaNews hopes Minister Tchiroma now enjoys what it means to be in a free world. The freedom that his master dictator Biya and his cohorts have refused to accord the Cameroonian people. He is proud to take pictures in another country in front of a presidential palace. We cannot recall seeing any pictures of Cameroonians in front of Etoudi Yaounde- a palace which is supposed to be a pride of Cameroonians and one which could boost tourism. What a wasted government and a failed state!!!!!

Reading through Thierry Mbepgue – freedom fighter and the one who brought the photo to social media wrote

” I like this photo, minister of communication of Cameroon. You know why?? This reminds me of the day I was slapped in Etoudi at the entrance of the presidency by a soldier of the presidential guard of Cameroon so I wanted to simply take a picture in front of the presidency of our beloved and beautiful country. On this day, not only my digital camera I had been confiscated, also a soldier of the GP of an arrogant tone had slapped me on the face. Mr. Tchiroma is certainly animated by the same desire to pose in front of a presidential palace, took his picture without any marines or an agent of the safety of Obama came to ask him for accounts like we do in his country. That’s why I love this photo, it symbolizes freedom and assurance.”

Cham Formuokum, Cameroon’s activist could not hide his feelings. He wrote “THE INACCESSIBLE UNITY PALACE! Who has ever tried walking slowly in front of Etoudi Palais? The soldiers are looking at you like a suspect. Talk less of taking a picture . But here is the mouthpiece of Biya taking a free photo in front of white house. What a feel of liberty? Maybe he should mouthpiece it to his boss that Cameroonians have a right to go into the premises of their presidential palace and even take pictures without being harassed by GP! ”

BaretaNews hopes someday Cameroonians will fully enjoy what it means to be free and live in a free country where human rights are fully protected, where citizens could hold government and it’s ministers accountable through their voice, political actions and independent state institutions. God help us

God is still saying something.

NB: This photo was culled from Thierry Mbepgue facebook wall and we cannot at this time of publication independently verify the authentification of this photo. However, it meets our description and message we want to pass out.

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