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US Congressional Hearing on Ambazonia: A Bitter Pill for La Republique du Cameroun



US Congressional Hearing

US Congressional Hearing on Ambazonia: A Bitter Pill for La Republique du Cameroun

The US Congressional hearing on the territorial conflict between La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) and the Federal Republique of Ambazonia took place on June 27, 2018 in Washington D.C. The hearing may have come and gone, but the content delivered by witnesses most of who are bona fide Ambazonians is a bitter pill that the colonial regime is finding it difficult to swallow.

The congressional hearing is the principal formal method by which US congressional committees collect and analyze information for legislative policy actions. The recent hearing will go down in history as the biggest platform where the Ambazonian question was comprehensively presented and listened to by a critical international power – the United States of America.

However, Wednesday’s hearing may not be the last, as the congress could consider a second hearing if it leadership finds it necessary to get additional witnesses before making final recommendations to the Donald Trump Administration.

Consequently, the implication of Wednesday’s hearing is a possible official US policy response on the imbroglio. Considering the facts presented by the different witnesses touching on the remote and immediate causes, manifestation of the conflict over time, the response of the colonial regime, the un-going genocide in Ambazonia and recommendations to the US government; it is highly projected that the no-nonsense Trump Administration through the recommendations of Congress will rigorously push for mediation on the root causes of the war.

All witnesses during the hearing were absolutely very objective in their presentations. From the historical background submitted by Dr. Agbor Balla, the testimonies of Ambassador Yamamoto, Hans de Marie of the International Crisis Group, Efi W. Tembon, Barrister Bobga Harmony and others, one thing was clear: Ambazonians have for this two years and counting been fighting a just course, rooted in the recolonization of their country by the imperialist regime of LRC.

However, the testimony of Mr. Efi Tembon, Executive Director Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy Facilitator Platform for Impact, did not only receive heavy applause from Ambazonians in the hall, but kept those viewing the hearing on television smiling from jaw to jaw. In the presence of Ambazonian patriarch, Mola Njoh Litumbe, and other Ambazonian leaders like Comrade Boh Herbert, Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga and others, Mr. Efi Tembon didn’t disappoint the people in telling facts as they are. Take home highlights from Mr. Efi’s testimony included the following:

  1. “More than 95% of the people of Ambazonia are fighting for independence. Ambazonians’ commitment to freedom is unshakable, unbendable…that’s what I have seen on the ground”.
  2. “On October 1st, Ambazonians came out to restore their independence using peace plants. Soldiers came after them; arrested, murdered, burnt homes, rape women etc. People are shot at, there are mass graves… if this is not genocide, then what is it?…America must rise up and hold the Biya regime accountable”
  3. “The people took refuge in the bushes and had no other option but to defend themselves. Young boys constituted themselves into small groups and began using hunting guns. They would ambush soldiers and then kill them to take their weapons. So, the people now have arms and its scary what’s going on right now. They want freedom. They have been hurting the Cameroun military. Cameroun’s military is on the ‘backfoot’ right now. The local foot soldiers have taken some areas and they are treating the local population better than the military. They have provided food. I have seen them on video providing food to the population. I have some of my colleagues who visited these areas and were taken very good care of by these foot soldiers “.
  4. “Paul Biya calls Ambazonians ‘secessionists’. But he is the one who is a secessionist because in 1982, he changed the name of United Cameroon to La Republique du CameroUn, the name they inherited at independence. He seceded from West Cameroon”.

In his recommendations to Congress Subcommittee, Mr. Efi earmarked the following;

“I urge the United States to communicate to President Biya that continuing US assistance in his military struggle against Boko Haram terrorists in northern Cameroon is dependent upon his complete withdrawal of Cameroon troops from the Anglophone regions. President Biya must immediately redeploy his troops to northern Cameroon to aid in fighting Boko Haram.

Extrajudicial killings, burning down entire villages, shooting unarmed civilians and forced disappearances in South West and North West Regions must be investigated. We urge for an international commission of inquiry to fully investigate these crimes against humanity and bring perpetrators to justice.

Let the United States call for international mediation to resolve the root causes of this territorial dispute and prevent further atrocities and genocide. All those arrested in connection with the crisis must be released.”

BretaNews, this join the many Ambazonians yearning for freedom to commend all the those who stood tall for the people and presented the undiluted facts of our restoration quest. We also commend all bona fide Ambazonians, especially the veteran revolutionary Mola Njoh Litumbe, who came out to back the team and made their voices heard in the hall with the resounding applause to all those who presented the people’s plight. History will certainly remember them kindly.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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